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Rllmuk Fantasy Premier League 2021/22

Commander Jameson

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Congrats, Ben! What was your overall rank?


Happy enough with 7th in the rllmuk league, 134kish globally, particularly as I ballsed up and missed the deadline in both of the final two gameweeks. I won my other three leagues though, which shows how tough this one is. Main thing is that I beat my older brother again!


All in all though, it was a pretty exhausting season and I was ready for it to end. Far, far too many DGWs. I miss the days of 1-2 DGWs and one BGW a season, with mulitple simultaneous games on a Saturday, and no deadline-missing Friday football.

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You can now add two-factor authentication to your Premier League account (the Premier League account is what you use to log into Fantasy Premier League).  Just go to the Account Security page and enable two-factor authentication - you can use your favourite OTP app to scan the barcode or enter the secret key in.


You may find that you have to log in and change your password first though.

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