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Critical Role - Campaign 3 starts 21st October 2021!

Doctor Shark

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Episode 16 - The Shade Mother


With a new alliance made, Bells Hells discover an unsettling entity within the mines beneath the city - whose terrors are more potent than any of them bargained for...



Episode 17 - Heart-to-Heartmoor


With a strange job to take and stranger mysteries to chase, Bells Hells prepares for their journey into the Oderan Wilds while opening up about their lives and their secrets..




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Episode 18 - A Hungry Jungle


While traveling to the Heartmoor Hamlet, the party find their night's rest interrupted by an enormous fey plant creature intent on devouring them whole...


Bonus One Shot.. 

Ashley Burch DMs for a game inspired by Borderlands DnD themed spin off: Tiny Tina's Wonderlands


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Episode 19 - Omen's Above


Newly arrived in the Heartmoor Hamlet, Bells Hells seek answers to long-sought questions and prepare for the midnight museum heist...


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Episode 20 - Breaking and Entering


With the heist underway, Bells Hells explore the traps and trinkets of the Twilight Mirror Museum, finding unexpected dangers as they venture deeper into the vault...



Coming up this week.. the Mighty Nein (well, some of them anyway) join guest Stephen Colbert for a Red Nose Day one-shot! 

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Episode 21 - Fight at the Museum


Bells Hells may have located their quarry, but the heist is far from over as they face down freshly formed formidable foes...



The Mighty Nien  (well.. Nott, Yasha and Beau) are joined by a new adventurer on a diverting sidequest as Steven Colbert joins the team for 'Dignity.'



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4-sided Dive ep 2 - discussing up to episode 21..



Episode 22 - Promise and Potential


Now returned to Jrusar, Bells Hells meet with old and new allies to catch up on the city news and determine their next mission...


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Episode 23 - To the Skies


Bells Hells finish their business in Jrusar and take to the skies on The Silver Sun skyship, where wonders and dangers lurk among the clouds…


The ending of this is a good one!

One more episode next Thursday and then we have a break while Exandria Unlimited: Calamity runs in it's place..

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