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51 minutes ago, ilpostino said:


I bought this today, thanks to your words in here. Also picked up Tachyon: The Fringe.


To play it with widescreen support etc, I recommend following this guide for what to install: 




Just install Freespace 2 from GoG, then install Knossos with its windows installer, and run it, then point it to the directory where you got GoG to install FS2, and it will make its own directory with Freespace 2 files for mods and upgrades. You want to grab MediaVPs from the list of mods, then once installed go into the settings to pick 1920x1080px or whatever your native res is in the video options. Make sure to actually launch the game from the MediaVPs entry Play button in Knossos, not via GoG. Also pick your input in the settings, though you can play easily with a Mouse and Keyboard.

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Almost certainly shareware. Though the kid who's PC it was had all sorts of things on large floppies that they were extremely capricious at making copies of various games at school with.

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