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Games like Limbo, Inside and Little Nightmares


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OK, I don't think anyone mentioned Stela, so I'm not quite sure where I came across it, but I got it and friankly it's up there with Little Nightmares.  Outstanding from the get go.



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I really loved the atmosphere the first hour or so created with Oxenfree (it reminded me of number stations, which I just find incredibly creepy) but I feel if fizzled out the more the plot developed. It was decent enough, but I ended it a bit disappointed. 

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Ah nice thread resurrection. Since this aired, I can now add a few new ones to the list:


Darkwood - top down horror survival - atmosphere in spades. Made a thread about it here if you want to know more:


Hollow Knight is also excellent in terms of detailed and immersive environments, ambiguous lore to uncover and ambience.


And finally Inscryption has a darkly comic tone, some juicy lore and a compelling card game to boot. 


I'd recommend all three of these to people who enjoy the types of games featured in this thread.

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@Lochenvar - thanks for the reminder regarding SILT. I definitely want to pick that up at some point.


Separately, since posting in this thread last year I've played (and platinumed!) Little Nightmares II, which was better than the first game in a lot of ways and seemed to be overlooked by most. It's about 5 hours long and often on sale. Well worth it, especially if you liked the first and wanted a bit more.




Creaks is also worth checking out. This one is a straight-up puzzler rather than a platformer, but the art style is excellent and it's delightfully weird. Made by the same folks who did Machinarium.



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