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Introducing: It's-A-Me! The TAG Heuer Mario Connected Watch!


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The Connected watch adds another dimension to the famous Mario catchphrase, "Oh yeah! Mario time!"

The last Nintendo consoles I bought were the fat DS and the SNES Mini so I’m struggling here… :blush: 


E: ah, apparently it’s from NSMBU

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I can't decide if I like it because it's a combination of things I love (good quality stuff and games / Nintendo / Mario, expensive watches is a warren I'm keen to avoid!) or if it's a hugely tacky cash in...



Meanwhile...  *Glimpses down at cheap semi-smart watch with N64 Goldeneye face and smiles*

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2 minutes ago, therearerules said:

Can't believe OP didn't bother posting a photo of it: s-l300.jpg


That actually looks less tacky than the Tag one.


The only videogame themed smart watch I could imagine not being a total crime against humanity is a Metal Gear Solid one with a minimal Codec style black and green UI.



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