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Steam Deck (handheld from Valve) - shipping is 4-8 days from NL to UK


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3 minutes ago, Uzi said:

It's bizarre to me why someone wouldn't see they appeal of this 


It's the most powerful handheld ever made launching with literal tens of thousands of games and every other option under the sun. 


I don't get the hype! Lol


Even though I'm not - and never really will be - a handheld gamer on the go, I went through a few moments of moving the mouse over the pre-purchase button ;)


That said, I certainly think we need to see more hands-on coverage from better people than IGN - who the vast majority of times I cannot stand. 



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My 256Gb order finally went through at 6:10pm according to the email, and I'm told on the Steam Deck webpage to expect mine as a Q1 2022 delivery. Hopefully that drifts into Q4 2021. I'm sure there will be plenty cancelling their speculative orders, which might drag everyone's dates earlier.

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1 hour ago, deerokus said:

I'm surprised this is so in demand. Is it because of all the money folk had put aside for a Switch Pro? 


It's a cool idea but I don't get the frantic clamour


For a lot of people there isn't any major downside to getting a pre-order in now. 


For €4 you'll have a place reserved in the queue. If it turns out to be a lemon then you can cancel it easily and not be out of pocket. If it turns out to be awesome then you'll at least know roughly when you can expect to get one instead of a free for all like the Series X and PS5 have been for the past eight months. 

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5 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

"it's not made by my favourite corporation so I don't see the appeal"

Hardly that. Yesterday I was briefly keen, but I’ve loads of devices that will cover the same need outside of the very specific form factor.

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59 minutes ago, Mitchell said:


I get his concerns, but comparing to Series S hardware which (can) run games at 1440p @120Hz...this only has run at 720p @60Hz?  Surely it's more than powerful enough?


He covers some of the flaws in that logic in the video, but to summarise:

  • most obviously, it's not a console. Meaning it has higher overheads from just running its operating system, and most/all games won't be designed in order to optimise the way they run on it. Consider e.g. the way multi-platform games often have unique configurations of visual effects set in order to run well on their host consoles, which aren't available to use on PC at all; IIRC a recent example was Watch Dogs, which features console-only optimisations to its ray-tracing. Or, indeed, the Switch vs Shield TV example given in the video.
  • relatedly, it not only has OS overheads to worry about, they're increased by the fact that the device is designed to run via a Windows trans;ation layer on top of Linux. Even ignoring compatibility issues (particularly with older games), that's going to have an impact on performance
  • even if you could safely assume that a GPU running at 0.4x terraflops of another would therefore always perform at least as well so long as the resolution was dropped to 1/4 (and were presumably also ignoring that many Series S games already don't run at 1440p 60), that doesn't help with the reduced spec of the CPU. CPUs don't care about resolution whatsoever; the last console generation was notably bottlenecked by its slow CPUs, so it's a little unfortunate that just as the consoles have turned their attention to more powerful processors, Valve are looking to put out a PC with a weaker one (lower frequency and, more concerningly, fewer threads)
  • it's a handheld. Part of the assumed reason from DF for the size of the thing is to help with heat management, but I'd be a little worried that even that won't be enough to keep the machine entirely safe from needing to throttle as it heats up. Consider that the Series S is basically 50% fan, or consider that, well, virtually every laptop and phone sees its performance tank after any sustained load, as the machine has to throttle itself to avoid cooking. 15W on the processor alone is going to generate a fair bit of heat, and that may have knock-on effects for gaming performance.


It may well run very nicely, but until it's launched it's hard to guess how well. Is it really going to compete with a Series S as far as new releases go? I'd be surprised. I do still think it could make a very nice portable system for older PC games, assuming it's more comfortable than it looks, but I wouldn't dive in expecting guaranteed solid performance on modern games - even, especially, not modern indie games, which tend not to be the most optimised pieces of software.


24 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

Gamepass will work on this, right? 


Assuming you install Windows on it instead of running the built-in OS, then yes. And as an added bonus, you'll get to enjoy the UX delight that is Windows 10 at 720p!

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1 hour ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

It just hit me why this is so attractive: it has all the advantages of the Switch but without any of the disadvantages.

Let’s wait until they’re in our hands before we all start pulling our puds

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So I’ve only ever had adds to my steam library via a Mac. So this is pretty exciting to me. 

I suspect stuff won’t run well though. I’m not trusting this proton layer for modern games.  

but if I can play those interesting indie games that pass me buy on PC? I’ll be in heaven. 


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10 minutes ago, jonamok said:

They do not.

No one knows really, besides from that IGN video which was heavily scripted to sell the Steam Deck. I be waiting for a more opinions, but I doubt Steam just threw this device last minute, it would have been tested and revised to make sure it was comfortable if they were that confident. That is if @camel is referring to the layout of the controls.


Cue on December I say.

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5 hours ago, Calashnikov said:

I carted at 6 on the dot, and only checked out when I made that post half an hour ago at 8. I’m now seeing information about my expected order availability being Q1 2022. That’s according to the info I get when I check the product page here (obvs checking it while still logged into my account):



Similar, in cart at 6 but couldn't check out until just after 7. Now saying Q1 2022 for me

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