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Steam Deck (handheld from Valve)


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45 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Apart from the performance and stuff, any word on how much noise it produces running games? I hope the Deck is silent and doesn't make more noise than heavy metal.


I was reading a Q&A with a developer who had received one, he compared the noise to a switch. 


He also said that the Final Fantasy pixel remasters have text so small they are horrible to play on the Deck. Which sucks as I was planning to play them when I get my deck. 

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14 hours ago, Sane said:

Ok guys I'm going to do you all a favour and cancel my Q1 256GB order. I already bought a Series X last month and I just can't afford both :(

your sacrifice will be remembered 

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Already I see a ton of games on that list which I want to play and will work fantasticly well on a hand held. 


Interesting to see the Final Fantasy pixel remaster as being verified. I had read an interview with a developer who has a Steam deck that the text in the game was too small. I guess Square Enix must have patched it which bodes well for other games. 


Personally I'm still very excited about this product and I'm really looking forward to getting mine. 


I predict the community that grows around the steam deck will be amazing. The hacking, modding, add ons and emulators are going to be epic. 

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