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Is it worth moving from retro arch to open emu?


The start guides for retro arch are shit but once you've down loaded some cores and told it to scan for ROMs it really is great. I have a decent pc under my TV with retro arch, I now no longer bother digging out real hardware and faffing with ossc. I've started buying adapters for different joy pads.


Other than that I use dolphin for GameCube games, it's pretty amazing, f zero at 1080p looks great.


I've got an Xbox 360 emu that I can't recall the name of, runs the Goldeneye leak perfectly.


Redream for dreamcast games is amazing. Free but pay five bucks for high Res upgrade, well worth it. Though for some reason I can't get it to scan for new games now.


My usb Saturn pad arrived last night, realistically are there any decent saturn emulators worth trying? Or decent cores in retro arch?

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On 17/07/2021 at 07:41, bplus said:

Is it worth moving from retro arch to open emu?


If you're on Mac (bearing in mind OpenEmu is only available for Mac), I'd say... depends.


OpenEmu is my personal favourite because it's easily the simplest, bestest way of getting all your retro games together and emulated. It is just a fancy front-end for a bunch of different, included emulation cores, but it's so good. Really simple to use, really well put together.


The cost of it's streamlining and simplicity is you don't have all the options available to you that you get with Retroarch. For me though, this has mostly meant that I occasionally notice input lag in OpenEmu that I don't with a properly setup Retroarch.


Personally, I use OpenEmu.

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2 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

Do you need a fairly beefy pc for Saturn? I've only got a reasonably old, wasn't even very good when it was new, laptop. Presumably it'll run like treacle on a cold day on that? 

you need a relatively decent cpu. My 2011 macbook pro, i5-2something can struggle a little, my surface laptop, i5-8something runs it much more comfortably. 

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OpenEmu is great, but it is indeed streamlined to the point where it's more like a commercial product than it is something like RetroArch. You can't fiddle with the games the same way that you can with RetroArch, so you can't play PS1 games in higher res or with perspective correction, you can't overclock stuff, etc etc. It's all very slick and user-friendly, but I do miss being able to tinker around with the settings.


Also, the people who oversee it are very risk-averse about adding new emulator cores, so no Dreamcast emulation as yet (although it does support the Gamecube). Redream is excellent on the Mac if you want to emulate DC games.

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