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Official Nintendo Mag Rant


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Iv been reading the Official Nintendo Mag for a while now and what Iv really started to notice is the way they compare games to the ethos of development Nintendo impliments, not to the game's peers or predecessors. An example is the review of Metal Gear the twin snakes, in the review they say that the cut-scenes and script is not what Nintendo gaming is about.

In the GC period of games I have found that I haven't enjoyed Nintendo games as much, I mean all the games impressed me while I played but once complete and I had the gift of retrospect I found them not worth playing again and dare I say it ... dull. Only Zelda:tWW, Wave Race and Mario Kart havent left me with bad memories thatd stop me playing again.

Do any of you think this is just the problem of the ONM or is Nintendo so keen to make itself and its consoles so individual in terms of the gameplay it offers that it forgets that as a developer it cannot possibly release enough games itself to sustain a console (an example is that last year the core team at Nintendo only released 3 games last year... Wario Ware, Mario Kart and 1 other, all the others were licensed out.) that is catered to the games it thinks the public want.

Im going on too much but is the whole Nintendo philosophy the thing keeping it from success?

blah blah blah... any way thats what i wana rant about.

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At least theyre not calling themselves 'Official Magazine System' anymore. I dont know why anyone would even want any of their awful free gifts...Smash Bros Melee soundtrack cd...would you listen to this for any reason?

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I hate their buzzword "mint", used in every article, that apparently means "excellent". Why?

;) Yes, I did buy it. For the fridge magnets, OK?

Oh, and they have been known to sell decent T-shirts (e.g. retro ones).

Must have employed some staff from Glasgow as the term "minted" is used to mean rich, but can often be heard as meaning something is good.

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