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Lawn Mowing Sim (Xbox & PC, not sure PS5 can handle it)


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Saw a vid for this earlier from everybody's favourite flight sim YouTube Squirrel, and assumed it was PC and not coming to console, but just seen a launch trailer for Xbox with a 2 week launch 15% off discount making it £21.


This seems the perfect thing to play when it's too hot/wet to mow the actual lawn but you fancy the soothing meditative qualities of making a bit of grass look nice and tidy.


I am sorely tempted to buy this, who else is in ?





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5 minutes ago, Ry said:

If its 60fps on series x i might pick it up!


apparently it has frame rate issues and pop up - but even an X series can't be expected to provide the raw power needed to simulate a ride on mower and fictional garden at 60fps all the time, its demanding stuff. 




I've decided I'm going for this, and not ironically, it looks quite relaxing. 

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You think they don’t make games for you anymore. 

Then you spend 15m test driving a mulching vs a collecting ride on mower on a bit of scrub grass next to a car park at a light industrial unit selling gardening equipment and realise the glamour and magic in gaming is still alive and your needs are catered for.


Warning though this game is going to trigger anybody with even the slightest OCD tendencies, I don’t care if the first contract is 99% mowed I’m not leaving a blade of grass behind.

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I feel they could really be onto something if they merge the tech from Flight Sim and add a big dlc store of Flymo's or Mountfield's


Then everybody could go to their home and mow their own lawn with their own mower - it'd be a huge AAA breakout hit.


This is such a chill game though, hope latter gardens don't get overly fussy or perilous. 

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So this remains a lovely peaceful and meditative game to play on your own, my other half wanted to take a look at it last night as I'd mentioned it and having her backseat driving shouting 'missed a bit' every 30s did kill my zen chill a touch. 


Even more stressful she's a non game player (i.e. no clue how game controls work) and has requested a go herself today. This may become the most stressful game on the xbox.

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2 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:

Do you get to run over dog shit like I just did on my lawn tractor? For maximum realism.


not dog shit but you do need to pre walk the lawn and pick up gnomes or toys left in the way.


I've always picked them up so not sure how the advanced 4k graphics engine will handle a gnome going thru a mulching ride on mower. 

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