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2 hours ago, Lyrical Donut said:

The authentic 90's Quake experience! ;)


I hope they can add some region filtering somehow, because when you're in a lobby with people with decent pings, it feels great. When you're not, it gets very messy.


The games I had with @GokouDand @Vimsterlast night felt great, as did the matches I played with a friend. Pings were in the 30-50 range and it didn't skip a beat.


I'll probably be playing again mid evening tonight if you (or anyone else) fancy giving it another go.


Yeah, I felt a bit frazzled too :lol:

On PC I had no issues at all, low ping, nice and smooth and fast gameplay, no lag or stuttering. I couldn't fault it, frankly. Not sure if this is a PC thing or not.

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Does the switch version allow adjustment of FOV and whats the widest you can select it to go?


-Edit- Just seen a youtube video that confirms FOV is an adjustable setting on switch so time to take the plunge.

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This just makes we want quake to get the doom eternal treatment.  Would love to see the world and the enemies modernised. 

The design on the fiend and the shamber is just so well done. 

also fuck the shambler. 

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Played a few games of this MP. Great, lovely to just have something simple like this (although I contend that Murder Miners is basically the best in class now in terms of stripped back multiplayer shooters - an absolute fucking masterpiece) and brought back a few memories. 


The ttk on the shotgun though. Bruh. 

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I honestly think the nail guns, fun as they are, are a bit shit in multiplayer.


MP gun tier list:


666 tier: rocket launcher


A tier: lighting gun


B tier: super nailgun, grenade launcher


C tier: double barreled shotgun, nailgun


D tier: shotgun


Trash tier: hatchet

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43 minutes ago, simms said:

Quake 2 RTX is currently free on Steam and GOG

You need to buy Quake 2 to access all the levels in Quake 2 RTX. 

Standard Quake 2 RTX is a free download that has a small portion of the full game. 

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I only played the briefest bit of Quake 2 back in the day. I remember just not like the way it felt.  Tried it again and it still feels really weightless compared to other Id shooters.  Is that just me?


Played a bit of Quake 1 though and that was still great.  


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3 minutes ago, dreamylittledream said:

Quake 2 will no doubt get the same treatment 1 is getting now next year for the 25th anniversary so I’d wait for that to reevaluate the campaign from a modern lens.


Quake 1 as proved by the new edition is still a bloody great game

It’s obviously very different and a bit lumpier but by god that multiplayer is just beautiful. So many hours piled into that bad boy.

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