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Anybody dabbled with Xbox emulation?


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I was playing something on PS2 earlier and wondered if it was also on the Xbox and if emulation for that system had got any better since I last looked a few years ago - and it certainly has. Looking at the compatibility list and seeing so many games I owned/wanted to own made me remember it was a fine system and so I wouldn't mind exploring it a bit more.


I see that Xemu is the emulator of choice but I presume you need bios files and stuff in order for it to work?


I know we seem to do this dance on the forum of talking all around the houses about emulation and roms (especially jailbraking things to put roms on - and none of us are stupid enough to believe these are only homebrew or ones they've dumped themselves in the overwhelming majority of cases) but I get that we don't want to directly link to them, so I'm not going to beat around the bush - can any kind soul can help me out with getting started with it all? PM me please if so.


For those who are up and running with it, what have you been enjoying on the system?

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I messed with Cxbx once as I wanted to try the legendary fighting game Kabuki Warriors :lol:. I didn’t go into the settings too much but in terms of simply getting a game running in a window with a controller it was surprisingly easy. I didn’t have to download any extra bios or plug-in files; I think the biggest hurdle was the large download size of an iso.


I don’t have Cxbx set up anymore but I might poke around with it again sometime to try other things. :) 

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It has progressed a lot apparently. A few years ago it didn't seem worth looking at when I did some research out of curiosity.


I had a quick look at xemu but doesn't seem to support xbe files so I hope this is added at some stage as I backed up all my discs in the past. It seems well documented though at first glance.


I instead dug out my og xbox last night to play some ssx tricky (although for me still feels more at home on ps2 for nostalgia reasons). I really wish they had brought this to xbox backwards compatibility. Will probably play Outrun 2 later today as that was great at the time.



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I've been getting curious about Xbox emulation, but haven't tried it yet.


For several years I have wanted to get my original Xbox out and play some of the games I still have in the cupboard, but I literally have no way to connect it to a TV. My TVs are really PC monitors with no AV inputs. I have heard that cheap HDMI converters in the £20-£40 range are awful and not worth bothering with, and the proper ones are like £200 - too rich for my whim to spend a Sunday afternoon with the old Xbox.


So emulation is going to be the solution for the future. But... the compatibility list still doesn't show Project Gotham 2 working! That's the #1 game in the cupboard that I want to get into. It's not been made available by Microsoft's back compat either. So I'm waiting til PGR2 has a woking status.

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