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Who has a 3d printer?


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With the rise of STL files and the quality of (some) printed minis these days, it's time to start thinking about investing in a 3D printer.


So, who has one? How much did you spend? What's the running costs like? Would you like to share some of your creations?


I'll start off with a couple of figures I had printed by Mr Lee's MInis in the UK. These were the first 3d printed models I'd seen close up, and they're so, so good.






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I have a couple of Resin printers. mainly an Elegoo Saturn and am shortly going to be selling prints on my website when it launches. you're looking at the following running costs:
30-40quid per litre of resin medium to large miniature prints are around £5 per print of resin.
as much 99% IPA as you can muster for cleaning purposes. not just for dunking and cleaning prints, but for work area cleaning, tool cleaning etc. you can get water washable resin, but ive stuck with IPA cleaning prints.
you could use nitrile gloves or get washing up marrigolds,
potentially Charcoal air filter blocks if you're concerned about smell/fumes
replacement FEP vat sheets for the vat,
and if you're running a lot of printing you'll need new lcd screens.

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We've got a Ender 3 v2. It's fine for lots of things, but I absolutely would not print anything to do with miniatures with it. Plant pots, thingie-ma-jigs and many other practical things have been printed with it, along with some busts, but the effort involved in getting rid of the ridges on it along with the print times themselves mean it's a non-trivial amount of effort.


I've not tried resin, have no intention to. 3D printing is a hobby in and of itself IMHO. It took me weeks of effort to get this machine dialled in to a good print quality, consistently, and about £100 over the base cost of the machine for extra bits and bobs.

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Same. I have an ender 3 v2. It's good, once you get used to making sure it's level.


However, miniatures... i wouldn't bother. Larger figures generally come out okay but resin is the way forward for detailed prints.


I'd love a resin but i just can't justify it at the moment.

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