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Tournament/Competitive Warhammer 40k in 2021/2022


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  • 2 weeks later...

Played a three way game yesterday Deathguard vs Ravenwing - I took DG, we lost 60-80 mainly due to mucking up our deployment for primaries turn one. My Deredeo dread managed to hold off an 8 man squad of black knights in shooting and combat! Absolute STUD.


Our opponent took two Dark Talons, the new rule for rift cannons are spicy :


Rift cannon 18" Heavy D3 12 Blast. Each time an attack made with this weapon successfully wounds, do not make a saving throw: the target suffers 3 mortal wounds and the attack sequence ends.




Next week I'm fielding Necrons against DeathWing.

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Woah. So that’s potentially 9 mortal wounds per shooting attack?


So was that 2 dg players vs the ravenwing

I’m hoping to get a game in at the weekend. Will probably run white scars, think an impulsor with a squad of 5 blade guard and a captain in, bike chap and some outriders then probably some eliminators and eradicators to fill out the 1000 point list. 


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Won again, 68 - 44. 

a bit scrappy, made a really poor choice of one secondary - took oaths of moment, which conflicted with engage on all fronts and as scars need to fall back and charge again that cost me points each time I did. Managed a turn one charge from bikes though which was good. Eradicators took his stalker down to 1 wound turn one which was annoying, but I got that turn 2 and his doom stalker which made life easier.  Though I then had to fight some t6 monsters which was sub optimal. But managed to kill enough stuff to stop him scoring all the primaries.

He teleported his boss and some warriors into my backfield, to score line breaker. I spent 2CP to suspect scan them and only got 2 with my intercessors, who got destroyed in return. I wasted all of my CP on shit which didn’t come off. 
As usual. 

I think what won me the game was going first and getting the blades down into his end and then pulling the transport back to sit on an objective.

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7 hours ago, And said:

Oof. Mines this afternoon. Saw my mate last night in the pub and told him I was bringing a 3 dreads space wolf list. So that should throw him when biker scars turn up. 

you told him one list and played another? 

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3 hours ago, Oracle said:

you told him one list and played another? 

Yep. small bit of silly gamesmanship and we were quite pissed at that point. but said I’d be bringing 3 dreads. He hates dreads. normally we don’t tell each other what we’ll be playing as so you can’t tailor a list to counter. As it was he hadn’t anything planned so when I turned up he then put a list together. So it didn’t actually matter, he ran a very similar list to last time. 

I think at 1000 points he needs more troops and fewer monsters. At the end of the game he had only 3 bases of scarabs and a lord left. 

Though he did say he was struggling with remembering all the extra rules, so I’ve suggested we try a game with nothing that isn’t on the data sheets. So no relics or traits or doctrines or chapter/dynasty rules, no stratagems other than rerolls. This may hurt me more than him as I tend to give simple relics and traits to characters that just make them more punchy. 

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Yeah it’s nuts. 
so basic intercessors put out :

1 at 30” 5/-1/1 or 2 at 15” (or if stationary) at 20ppm.
so you’ll get max 10 shots out of a 100 point unit. No way to make them stronger. Maybe higher ap depending on which doctrine is active. granted they’re a lot harder to kill than a bug. But still, boltguns are becoming outclassed all round. 
firstborn are still stuck with 4/0/1. 

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I really dislike the short range necron Gauss guns that are assault 5/-2/1. Thanks fully haven’t seen many big blobs of those lately. 

I’m wondering how a game with no extra rules will play out. Either it’ll be fine and we’ll both do ok, or one of us will realise that we lean on chapter tactics, relics, traits etc more than the other. I have the feeling that will be me. The marine rules like white scars falling back and charging ability is super useful. 

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I very much to like those guns :D but I took a big blob last game and they weren't as useful as I thought they would be. Likely will split them next week.


I think no extra rules is the wrong approach, it doesn't teach you the game. I would create cheat sheets per phase about what you should be doing and refer to that, and also be forgiving if your opponent makes a mistake or forgets to do something.

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Well I think I’m ok with the rules myself, I miss some but I think it’s part of the game. It could be a reaction to losing so many games. I don’t want him to give up! 

I’ve found myself planning more about how to get stuff done but at this level of play there’s no spare units for actions. So secondaries I take tend more to area control or killing. 
At 1000 points it’s basically a core of :


a Killy hq 

something fast to get downfield 

a unit of troops to hold backfield objectives 


then add in either a dread or a transport and some blades/plasma with another hq maybe. Captains do solid work as does the bike chap. Am painting my bike captain next so will hopefully get him in play soon. 



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I think your opponent needs to think about the things they are taking and what you are likely to take, how can he take objectives and deny you yours, how does he handle threat analysis etc.


I made two mistakes in the above categories and it cost me the game. 

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Yep. I’ve kind of found a decent groove of what I would take to hold home base, how to get up the field and take another objective and then a roaming threat / distraction carnifex like a big dread or the smash chaplain. If I can get on 2 objectives turn 1, then that’s 15 points turn 2 for primaries and a good start towards wining. 

he seems to get stuck on big killy units with high powered shooting, but stand about doing not much towards scoring points. 

I’ve suggested we stick with full rules, but play on the bigger board size with 1250 point battalions to force him to take more troops. That should still be quick as it’s not many more units and I can tweak my last list to drop snipers and the captain and add 2 more troops, a lieutenant and some inceptors. 
I think the help wounding for the blade guard would be better than the captain aura. 

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Cheat sheets and get your opponent to think about what he needs to do to win the game and whether his units can help that goal. 

Here is my list for Mondays game:




VoD on the overlord this time, split the big blob of warriors into MSUs for better board control and easier to hide out sight. Gave him the void scythe and re roll wounds (s10,-4, 3dmg)

Buffed up the technomancer with the volteric staff, for a little more extra output. im also testing out some flayed ones proxies. 

The thinking is that the overlord can provide some late stage surprises by veiling with the s destroyers and have the flayed ones come in elsewhere. 

Main thing I need to ensure is PATIENCE

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I still haven’t played using my dg since 8th. Still occasionally think about getting another mortarion. 

I crunched through my biker characters in a couple of sittings this week, contrast and drybrush and done but they’ll do for tabletop. I’ve now got 13 bikes in the box. 


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Hopefully getting a game this week 


1250 points, full size board. Battalions. 

so I think it’s either bring a similar scars list to last time with extra troops, but main threat being the transport full of Bladeguard plus a lieutenant and a chaplain with bikers to get out early and grab objectives. Keep it mobile. 

or. Salamanders. Slower units but much more tanky, eradicators, aggressors, bikes with meltas and a dreadnaught or 2 with flamers. Could do some stupid big anti infantry damage now I know there’ll be minimum 25 necron troop bodies to deal with 

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