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Tournament/Competitive Warhammer 40k in 2021/2022


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Wow. I don’t think we’ve ever had one that close! 

I’m playing tonight. 1250 points. 
Thinking of sticking with scars again, similar list. Favour mobility over firepower to try and steal objectives early doors. 


chaplain on bike with benediction of fury and chogorian storm. (Extra attacks, more punchy stick) Backed up with 3 outriders. 

Shield lieutenant with the plume of the plains runner and imperiums sword (+1 charge aura, extra fighty) in an impulsor with 5 blade guards. 


1 each of assault ints, incursors, regular ints, 

regulars hold home base,

assaults push up to support the 2 advance groups. 

incursors can forward deploy 


inceptors - death from above into where they are needed 


eradicators - try and take out a tank or 2

so I think I’ve got some flexibility, I’m expecting to see skorpekh destroyers pop up now he can take more elites alongside his core of spiders, triarch stalker and 2x doomstalker. Hopefully he’ll VoD them in auspex scan range of my eradicators. 

going to put out lots of terrain and home I can stay out of the way of the doom stalkers as I imagine they will be sat in his back line with 48” worth of Death ray. 

will be interesting playing new missions though


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So I got whupped. We called it end of turn 3 as it was really late, but I would have scraped about 50 points and he would have had 60 odd.  

I think I lost  the game rather than him winning. I made some big mistakes turn 1, as I was a bit thrown by his list 


he had 

Skorpekh lord with VoD

technomancer with some horrible relic gun that did 2x exploding sixes and high ap.



5 x immortals 

5 x immortals 

10 x warriors 


tomb stalker 

5 skorpekh destroyers 


shard or the nightbringer. 

holy fuck that is some bullshit unit. Almost unkillable with anything I had, living metal, unstoppable attacks, negates invulnerable saves. 
He had dynasty that was +1 to charge 

He went first, teleported his skorpekh dudes in ahead of my forward deployed in cursors, made his 8” charge and wiped them out. Did little else. 

So here we go, turn 1, I fucked it all up because being white scars I took the fight to him. 
My inceptors pop out of the sky and wipe out all but 1 of a unit of immortals on an objective. 
Then I ran my transport all the way up to his end and dropped everyone on the objective. I charge my bikes and chaplain into the skorpekhs. They obviously have some bullshit rule that adds 1 to required wound rolls  The chaplain manages to do absolutely nothing, I’ve never seen so many 1’s. Of his 9 attacks, 1 wounds. He then interrupts for 2cp and completely destroys the unit of bikes, they’re gone, so their 19 attacks on the charge don’t get to happen. 
Next turn he takes out the blade guard with a mix of shooting but mainly the shard just deletes them, hit in 2, wound on 2, ap -4 maybe, no invulnerable saves. All gone. didn’t get to attack. So my turn 2 I hopped the surviving lieutenant in his little tank and fucked off to the other side of the board to take an objective. 
my eradicators were good, of the 5 skorpekh destroyers they killed 6 of them, there were still 2 left at the end, he was rolling on fire for reanimating. So I need more melta guns and to never, ever try to fight a unit of 5 destroyers. And also never to fight the shard, I managed 5 damage on it, but it deleted 2 units without breaking a sweat. 

So I made some big mistakes, what I should have done was load up all 3 objectives in my half and make him come to me, then blitz 

past him into his half when he had waddled up the board. Instead I just delivered all my threats to him and let him kill them. I had no proper shooting apart from the ‘rads having gambled on speed, gambled and lost. 

In a 1250 point game bringing the shard was a bit of a dick move to be honest. He seems obsessed with bringing the biggest stuff, and this time it worked, I’d gotten good at dealing with is last list of 3 big guns and wasn’t expecting a switch to melee, I reckon the blade guard could have gone toe to toe with the skorpekh, I just should have done something different. If I’d left them in the tank to be able to charge next turn then the shard would have just killed the tank, so I guess I should have just stayed away. 
ojh well


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A c’tan shard in a 1250 game is a dick move, considering it’s a like 350+ points. But they are easy enough to deal with. 8 inch move means you just need to stay away from it whilst you do 3 wounds in psychic, 3 in shooting (focus fire everything at it), and then hopefully 3 more in combat. 

But good to see him mixing stuff up, the voltaic staff is a rad relic. Whirling onslaught is the +1 to wound save,a really clutch strat. I’ve not tried a Novakh list but now I’ve got some flayed ones coming in the post it’s on the list. 

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It is not good to se him mixing things up, I like the list I can beat! 
The voltaic staff is amazing, it wiped out my inceptors and a couple of other dudes, he rolled 2 6’s each time he shot it so was getting at least 6 goes at wounding on 2’s saving on 5’s. 

So now I need to look at list building that has at a minimum a psyker and 2 lots of high ap shooting if I want to be able to deal with the skorpekh bomb and the shard. I see dread heavy iron hands lists coming on. I’m assuming that the nightbringer’s abilities preclude using a FNP ?


withn hindsight I know exactly what I did wrong and what not to do again, what worked in one game doesn’t necessarily work in another, I should have left the transport empty and used it to screen out the destroyers leaving me able to shoot them and I should have run away from the shard until I could chip away at it. 

The last few games have felt fair, and like either side could win, but last night I just felt a bit overwhelmed by the bullshit. Skorpekhs are amazing units, I have 9 in the cupboard,  maybe I should play as necrons next time and see how he likes it! 

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You need to feed him some wins to keep him in the game dont forget :) you've smashed him for the last few games right?


In the game on Monday, my opponent did a similar mistake.


His list


Daemon prince, plague caster, lord of virulence 

3 squads of 10 plagemarines with 1 blight launcher, 1 plasma gun

3 myphitic blight haulers

1 pbc

5 blight lord terminators 

 foul blight spawn


The mission, surround & destroy, my list - https://pastebin.com/zrafDikf


My secondaries:Engage on all fronts, retrive octarius data, to the last (C'Tan, LHDs, Skorpekhs)

His secondaries: Assasinate, Grind them down, Stranglehold 


I deployed as cagely as I could, my opponent did not - I assume that he was hoping to get close to the objectives and that his DG would shrug off any damage. I unfortunately won the roll off for first turn, but I purposely kept my army hanging back bar moving my  ghost ark onto a right hand middle objective. The last thing I wanted was for my army to get closer to his, or be in range of his shooting. I had one unit ROD, most of my shootng was out of range turn one bar my LHDs, they wiffed their wound rolls and only one got through causing a few wounds off of the PBC, Immortals did a few wounds into a PBC squad.


I didn't earn anything on my secondaries T1.


His turn 1, he focussed fired all of the right hand side of his army (terminators, plague marines & blight haulers( into my Ghost Ark, I paid the 1 cp strat for the 4+ invul and combined with the trans human like ability it took until the combat phase for it to die. I had wanted it to last a little longer to reinforce the troops but arguably was happy for him to be shooting that vs anything else. I had also hidden my C'tan shard as well as possible, so he focused on other things. This would be a mistake in later turns.

He killed off a LHDs but didnt do much other damage, but was well placed to camp on objectives turn two.


At the start of turn 2, I bring back a LHD (this would be a reoccuring theme all game), my shooting was far more successful and managed to put it on 5 wounds remaining. My C'tan shard moved up and started throwing out its mortal wounds quasi psychic powers (1st one was on a 2+, does d3 and then on a 4+ for each unit nearby it takes a mortal wound, the other is 2+ and then if a vehicle its d6 damage), rolled well on both to do some decent damage into the haulers. It did ok in shooting, killing one blight hauler. It charged into combat and damaged another, taking 3 wounds when he fought back. I Rod'd with the other warriors for 4 VPs.


His turn two, he put everything into the LHDs, killing another base and damaging another, did 3 more wounds on the c''tan - in return I killer both remaining blight haulers and then recovered 3 wounds.  He wiped a unit of warriors.


My turn 3,  I brought back a LHD, killed the PBC using the plasmancers abilities and started shooting into the plague marine squad defending the demon prince. C'Tan powers went into the blightspawn and the Lov, damaging both, I finished them off in combat. I brought in the flayed ones and hid them in a building to Rod for another 4 points. 

His turn 3 his killed two LHDs, wiped another unti of warriors, did 3 wounds on the ctan in combat and then I wiped the squad of terminators, denying him that objective.


Turn 4 I bring back a LHDs, I veil my skorpechs into the lefthand corner and promptly fail the charge into his marines, even with a reroll. Kill more marines near his demon prince. I Rod with the flayed ones again in another table quarter to max out ROD. 

His turn 4 he kills a few skorpekhs. 


Turn 5, I use the res orb to bring back one skorpekh and then mince his squad taking another objective off him, 

His turn 5, he kills a plasmancer & the c'shard for assinate, kills the remaining destroyers. 



Final score, 69-70 in my favor.

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Why don’t marines have a big fuck off centrepiece model?

Orks have gazkrul

DG have morty

T sons have Big red

Eldar have the avatar 

Chaos has all manner of big demons or lord of skulls

Tau have the big gundam mech suits

necrons have the silent king, shards and the pyramid things. 
tyranids have all sorts of big gribbly beasts. 

But marines have what? A tank. With no invulnerable save. 

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Bobby G isn’t that good though is he?


working on a new 1250 point list. 
this time salamanders.


Built up a bike chapter master with thunder hammer that’s T8.  Good luck shifting him 


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I was reading a goonhammer article about a crusade weekend they did, and everyone took it seriously except one guy who’s 500 point list was ghaz in a truck with 10 boys. Amazing

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I’m thinking a castle of 

super tough biker chapter master with hammer - S8 attacks on T8 body

wizard -1 to hit spell, 

blade guard lieutenant with buffs


5 x blade guard 

they make their way up the table, if the shard is softened up enough then the captain chargers in and it’s hammer time. 


5 intercessors - random tasks 


2x5 infiltrators 

2 x eradicators. 
These guys hang out in 2 teams with their 12” teleport denial and screen out the back 3rd of the board so no VoD shenanigans can happen. 

If they can hold 2 objectives then the castle just needs to mooch up the board and take stuff out on the way. 

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I lost again! 80-60. (70 with paint)
Made a placement error early on that effectively cost me the game before it started.

we played mission 5 which is a wide thin deployment setup 

I stupidly set up heavy on one side to try and breakout and get into the middle but due to some VoD bullshit. I got stuck in 1 quarter of the board. He had a chronomancer with VoD and also gave his 5 skorpekh destroyers a 5++ invulnerable save. with +1 to charges,

so he beamed in and comfortably made the charge into my troops who were then wiped out. I should have put infiltrators both sides but was worried about then

getting shot. Stupid mistake. Cost me the game. 
Which he then managed to save 4 melta shots. He was rolling on fire this game. He managed a 12inch charge 

So by the end I’d managed to kill most of his stuff but was unable to score much for my secondaries and only managed 35 for primaries. Learning curve. Think the core is getting there. 

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