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Lake (PC & Xbox)


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So downloaded this today to have a look at. (Demo up on Steam).


Seems like a quite boring premise - you drive around delivering mail to a small community in the US located around a lake. It is strangely captivating though. Based in 1986 has a lovely retro feel to it in terms having a simpler times of days gone by feel. Graphics and sound are adequate for the game and have a certain charm. 


It has a similar feel good theme as something like the Magnificent Trufflepigs so if you enjoy games like this then it might be something you will like.


And no it's not on GamePass :D


"Lake — Whitethorn Games" https://whitethorndigital.com/lake


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1 hour ago, SteveH said:

@MattyPI think you have given me the slight push I needed. I have had one eye on it but did think it might just pop up on Gamepass. It's cheap though so I'm in :) 

Its a really how can I put this a "soothing" game to play. It reminds me in part of Shenmue just pottering about doing errands interacting with the people in the town. Lovely visuals to chill out too etc.


Oddly captivating. :) I haven't bought it yet but will be doing. Its a great break from the "real world" and shooting stuff in other games. Welcome change. 

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That looks really interesting, loving the visual style and the general atmosphere the trailer gave me. I don't know what it is with me and american small town stories, but I'm just a sucker for them. Gotta give this a go. 

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Haha never heard of this before, was expecting the voiceover guy in the trailer posted above to ramp up about two thirds in and announce some batshit horror aspect.  Y'know, from his super chill narration to ominous hints at cosmic horror or go even more batshit, nice surprise he just plodded along until the trailer ended.


Looks like the kind of game that'll play nice with a mellow joint and a glass of brandy, or a granola bar and a smoothie.


Seems chill, downloading.

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On 15/09/2021 at 18:19, Rayn said:

Anyone got this for Xbox Series? Was wondering about the performance and wethere it’s buggy? Heard rumours that the PC version can be a bit buggy at times.

I'm playing on series X and while it's not buttery smooth (had the odd frame jump), it really doesn't need to be to be honest. Not hit any bugs yet (only played for about an hour so far) but it can have a tendency to not always recognise you pressing A to pick up parcels from the back of your truck. I've found it needs 2 or 3 attempts sometimes. But it isn't a problem, it doesn't glitch out and stop you from picking them up at all. 

 I'm really enjoying it so far. Nice chill out vibe to it all. 


edit: and of course, not long after posting this I hit my first bug. Not a biggie, the game just stopped reacting to any inputs at the start of a new day. A quick reboot of the game fixed it.

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