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Gran Turismo 7: 4th March 2022


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5 hours ago, Junker said:

Sometimes I think they are really taking the piss. That special edition is indefensible 

Suppose they will try anything to get some extra £££s in. Someone will buy it because it's the "best" version :)


Still not sure about effectively buying progress in a game (1.5m credits with the deluxe version). 


I've actually been pondering over game prices and remember paying £45 for PC games back in the 90s not trying to justify Sony's pricing but factoring in inflation etc £70 would be about right I guess. guess these days given the amount of development needed. Although prices in general have got less to almost disposable levels especially with the sales etc. 


What does frustrate a bit is that I know if I wait a month I will get it for £20 cheaper from somewhere. Although not sure I want it on disk TBH. Not really a fan of physical media anymore. Suppose have plenty of time to ponder over which way I'm going to go. :)


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1.5M credits is next to nothing, it should be at least 20M/30M so that you could afford (I suspect) one of the historic classics. I still wouldn’t buy it though so meh.


In fact the way many classic cars are locked behind a pay wall (or grind forever instead) is the worst thing about GT Sport, they had the option to drop cars on the Daily spin etc. to help you complete your collection and give you the odd expensive historic but instead they give you the same cars over and over again, which wouldn’t have been so bad if you could sell them!


I hope the GT Cafe somehow changes this aspect of the game and actively helps you build a collection but I doubt it, they’ll still want to sell addon cars etc.

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