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Hate is a strong word.


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Automata had problems, but I maintain that its problems as a character action game are meaningless, because it’s not a character action game. It’s like being upset because you can’t grind experience and level up to defeat bosses in Bayonetta more easily, or you can't farm crafting materials in Vanquish. I have bigger issues with its problems an an action RPG; balance issues when facing higher level enemies, lazy sidequest writing, certain customisation options that might feel redundant, certain customisation options that might feel overpowered, perhaps less interesting party interactions than the Nier/Kainé/Emil dynamic, etc. I still generally liked playing it because (for me, IMO, etc) the better moments made up for the weirder decisions… but it definitely has issues as an RPG, and was never going to be worth considering as a character action game.


Interestingly, people are (justifiably) losing interest in Babylon's Fall after finding out that it's a live service always online co-op action RPG, so god knows why they didn't take the same hints when Automata was promoted as an RPG from day one.

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I hate Mario Bros.

Not Super Mario Bros, but the original arcade game with the monsters coming out of the pipes. It's just a horrible playing experience and not fun in the slightest. I just hate everthing about that game.


I also kind of hate how Mario has become to games what Mickey Mouse was once to animation. I hate how every image of Mario has to be on-model and I hate his stupid white gloves and primary-colour clothes. He was much better as a sort of generic sweaty-arsed plumber. There's a parallel universe somewhere in which the film was a smash hit and Mario will look like Bob Hoskins forevermore.

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I dislike how most AAA games has stopped pushing the envelope in terms of physics. Half Life 2 introduced gravity and a certain realism, 17 years later bullets won’t penetrate thin walls in Far Cry games despite Far Cry 2 having impressive physics back in the day. For me it just breaks the immersion.


Games are mostly bells and whistles these days and the focus is on facial textures and frame rates. 

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