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Dice, Dice, Baby (a thread about collecting, making, rolling)


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  • Dr_Dave changed the title to Dice, Dice, Baby (a thread about collecting, making, rolling)

Oh man, quick question- how long does it take, and how much does it cost to make per dice? I know how much I spent on prototype dice, and I'd rather have given that to a forumite. Additionally, I get asked occasionally where people can get prototype dice in the UK from. Not that you're a business, but I'm amazed that it's something that can be done 'in house' to that level essentially.

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1 hour ago, And said:

Those are really cool. How do you emboss in the numbers? In fact - just how?


It depends on how involved you want the process to be. At its easiest, it is:


1) Buy some moulds on Amazon and some resin (and whatever you want to use to colour them)

2) Mix and pour the resin into the moulds.

3) Wait.

4) Remove and polish.


Inking the numbers is a case of painting over the numbers roughly, then wiping off the excess with your finger. Works well.


This will give you results, but not very satisfactory ones. The resin will likely cure with air bubbles, so you won't get perfectly clear dice, and you won't have much control over look and shape.


The full version is more like:


1) Design master dice in cad software.

2) 3d print.

3) Sand and polish to a high standard.

4) Use the masters with silicone to make your own moulds.

5) Repeat steps in the quick process but use a pressure pot to cure air bubbles.


Then take lots of Instagram photos! 😀


I'm out and about tonight but I'll post some process photos tomorrow if you're interested.

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Amazing dice - those marble and the red ones are lovely.


I love me some clicky-clacky rocks. This a crap photo of my current temp dice jar (till I can find something more decorative that I like).




There's a load others, but they're just in storage in plastic bags at the moment.


Then I have my Elder Dice which satisfy my cosmic horror urges (this is an old pic, there's more now!)




And then there's my rag tag assortment from loads of old games. I think there's some Advanced Heroquest dice in there, a lot of chunky old style Games Workshop dice and the real shabby looking in the bottom right are actually from my brother's days of playing 1st edition D&D so they're a bit older than me!






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  • 2 weeks later...

A couple of new sets from the pot this week...




This set (which is the grey dice - I only included the pink one to show that it wasn't a photo with a b/w filter applied!) was intended to be something different. But the resin gods weren't smiling on me and some of the white mixative ended up clumping and settling on the bottom of the moulds. I was going to bin them, but ended up not since they kind of remind me of a cold, bleak, winter night, driving snow and little hope of salvation.




I also love the traditional D4 in this set... it alone had the exact grey marbled effect I was going for! Might have to revist this later with a different mixative.




This one was a test set for some new micro-fine glitter I picked up. In a certain light, they shimmer all kinds of colours, but it's really difficult to catch on camera.

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Oh god, they're amazing! I wonder if they're using real beans or a resin facsimile? If real beans, how do they affect the resin cure? So many questions...


On the subject of food-based dice, I just finished this set:




It's a dice set with tiny hot dogs inside! Supposed to be a tribute to the "Epoxy Hot Dog" from reddit, which I find more than mildly compelling. And I spent way too long on them, including time taken to model the tiny hot dogs, print and paint them. Here's the results of the modelling, on a banana for scale:



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