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Cruis'n Blast - back by popular demand

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20 minutes ago, scoobysi said:

What’s the progression in the game? Are there different ratings per track C,B,A,S etc.? What’s held me back from picking it up is that it doesn’t sound as though it requires a lot of skill, which I think the best arcade racers ultimately do.

iirc its just winning at the track, no ratings. Theres a number of championships and you can do them at higher difficulties. But yeah i agree it doesnt require too much skill. The person who said it was like a theme park ride/rollercoaster was spot on, it is fun in that way but its shallow.

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On 18/09/2021 at 16:04, moosegrinder said:

It reminds me of Speed Devils on the Dreamcast. That wasn't a Cruis'n game under another name was it?

Oh man. I bought this tonight with that very game in mind. I really liked it. 

Not played this one yet and kind of excited to see which side of the thread I fall on. The lovers or the haters. 


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