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Nintendo Direct 23 Sep 2021


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1 minute ago, Stanley said:

Can’t believe they are charging extra for their crap subscription service, by the time they add in GBA, GameCube, Wii etc. it will be about  hundred quid a month. 


It's £25 a year or something. It'll probably wind up £40 a year.

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Thought that was pretty good. That Kirby looks sweet, Castlevania Advance confirmed finally, handheld F Zero X and a proper look at Bayo 3 is all pretty good stuff.


I’m in for that N64 pad as well. I played F Zero X on the Wii U game pad recently and the modern style of analog stick just didn’t feel the same. Then on a boys weekend trip away, we got playing it on OG hardware and it was like night and day. I don’t even mind stumping up the likely £40 annual sub + £40 pad RRP to play. It’s F Zero X.

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