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Games that deserve a remake

Doctor Shark

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On 29/09/2021 at 15:38, ridgeracer said:

Also, I would like to nominate:


The Last Guy.


I'd love a driving version of Flight Sim (with Google's data instead of Bing's).


A problem with remakes is when their series continued with diminishing returns, where they'd be using their most recent as jump-ins. Because I've wanted Gran Turismo HD for ages. I still play it and think it has the most rewarding physics in the franchise (and R11). Another one's Twisted Metal 2: World Tour, where sequels were made that weren't a patch on it.


SWAT 4 ended on a high, never to return. And if we're going Amiga, the two-player game in North & South.

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On 27/09/2021 at 14:16, Protocol Penguin said:

I’m still amazed that Blast Corps didn’t have some sort of sequel or update, or at least some kind of indie-developed ‘homage’ (remake in all but name). Did the original sell that badly?


I was curious about this too and dug up seemingly the only attempt(s) by anybody since 1997 at the concept, and one of them remains unfinished, despite claiming it is directly a spiritual sequel to it!






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Just thought of one:


Spycraft: The Great Game.


It was an FMV game from the mid '90s, they were all the rage back then, and it was by fucking far the best ever example of that ill-fated genre:




A modern interpretation would be fantastic, I reckon. Also, spot the Star Trek actor! :D

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