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Halloween Film Quiz pre announcement announcement!


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Recently I was subject to a terrifying vision in which I was instructed by hellish denizens to run a Halloween film quiz, starting on the stroke of midnight 30th September and running until the 7th of October WITH PRIZES. As I was informed by the monstrosities that lurk behind the veil of evil, this allows for postage in time for All Hallows Eve.


Shortly, when I can be bothered, I will post pics of these prizes to raise excitement and anticipation to fever pitch.



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Thank you for your enquiry, the spawn of satan are pleased to provide a reply as follows: you will be presented with a series of chilling images (screenshots) pulled screaming from the very bowels of hell (various horror films). Also, the minor demon Agrapiuytffshdgft wants to make it clear that these are all proper horror films and not the drivel you find on Amazon prime 14 pages in such as Haunted Settee and Zombie paranormal tapeworms 7

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