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Now then, now then, guys and gals. Steve Coogan to play Jimmy Savile in 'The Reckoning'


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20 hours ago, Ste Pickford said:

I find it a really odd take to suggest that entertainment media shouldn't tackle a massive, evil crime that affected hundreds or thousands of people, and was aided and covered up by some of the highest institutions in the country.


I can hardly think of a better subject to for dramatists to address.


I don't think the cover up will be addressed will it because there's never been any accountability there?


I'm not making a judgement on this drama to exist, but how he was allowed by the establishment to commit his crimes is the story and isn't the one we'll ever see. They could do 5 hours of tv and not have one second of Saville on screen. Unless they bother to tell us about the higher ups at the bbc who enabled him, or those in the police, or those in government, or those in the Royal family then I do sort of think Saville doesn't deserve to be on screen played by anyone. 


How do we have the lead singer of a punk band say on TV in 1978 that he's heard rumours about Saville and then 22 years go by and in 2000 the most prominent documentary filmmaker in the uk spends time with Saville apparently oblivious to the rumours, happy in his company. The lead investigator of the program that exposed Saville apparently had never heard of the rumours (despite being an investigator) until he was lead on to it so maybe it's just an age thing (he was born in 1970 though, same as Louis Theroux, I'd have thought that's early enough). 


When Theroux did his second Saville documentary after Saville was exposed, victims straight up told him 'how were you sucked in by this you naive fool?' and Theroux's hang dog expression said nothing. Theroux asked how secretive Saville was and she told him 'er no we all knew as kids what he was after, he wasn't shy about it'. 


Did I miss the part where all those who enabled Saville were put on trial? Have they all passed away? 


In 15 years time will we have dramas about Grenfell that show the suffering of the residents inside the tower or the ones who allowed the dangerous unsafe cladding? Will it cover the residents who said repeatedly there was a tragedy waiting to happen and will it show those in power who ignored them? In 20 years time will we have dramas about covid-19 and the struggles of families and the pressure on the NHS or the severe mishandling by the government? 

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I don't want to see Steve Coogan on screen, never mind him doing a Jimmy Savile impression.  He was always the least interesting part of On the Hour/The Day Today.  I resent his Partridge success.  Resent it!  



That shouldn't be my top reason for thinking this film is a pointless exercise, but it is. :rolleyes:


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Isn't the character of Patridge one of the funniest ever though? He can produce funny stuff out of nowhere like no other character. 


Coogan was in the recent drama about the investigation of the Stephen Lawrence murder, as the main cop. I did turn it on and think 'really? Coogan in this role about a serious case?' I probably shouldn't have. He was alright, I didn't watch it for long. 

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