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Inktober 2021


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Having vowed never to do the thing again, I caved in here are my first 4.

I'm doing the Ninja Cow thing again, because i couldn't think of anything else to do



The power dressing suit, was a short lived phase in the 80's 



Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddamn right, unless you were goin' all the way Kurtz got off the boat!




With no opposable thumbs trying to tie on the secret identity mask was an absolute bastard 




Up and coming Farmer Perterson's famous crystal display, did not survive when vengeance arrived.

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I'm actually enjoying the pace, I usually spend a few days on a doodle but this is like trying to bash it out during tea breaks. Fun for me, but not sure the end results are that fun for anybody else. All good practice tho I guess. I wish I'd gone with an overall theme too now, rather than just lots of random stuff.

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On the one hand just using the words to inspire a random picture is nice, using the random word to then try to do a funny picture about a homicidal cow, is hard work. I had the prompts a month ago and I'm still trying to work out next weeks pictures. 

But I found if i have a theme I'm more invested in the whole thing, and i keep going through the month. 


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Super groovy stuff :) love it.


Me I tend to just do whatever in my mind rather than follow prompts so this year its pumpkins. 


The change for me this year is that normally I do every picture in the same ink and this time I'm doing a different colour every day. Still unsure if that's the right decision, won't know until the end 


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