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Eurogamer starts subscription, asks community for financial support - not going too great


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1 hour ago, Uncle Nasty said:


You should donate or support here before throwing money at Eurogamer. The critical discussion of games is a lot higher quality here.



EDIT: Oh wait, it's lapsed.  Genuinely forgot to renew it! But I 100% agree with you! I resub over the weekend.


EDIT: EDIT and done. 



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5 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:


"I've always thought water and graphics cards were best friends. I'm not saying I'd sling a graphics card in the bath, though. Can you imagine what Digital Foundry would say if I did that? They'd End Task me."


That's the opening from the "five of the best water in video games" premium article.


It reminds me of that patronising, infantilised, Innocent Smoothies style of dumbed down writing. Goes hand in hand with Eurogamer's equally annoying puntastic subheaders.


Their editorial house style just isn't good.

Jeez, that opening would've been cringe worthy in PC Zone in the 90s! :lol:

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Since they added the subscription stuff and killed the forum, I stopped visiting the site. I don't think I was alone.


I occasionally go back to see if anything has improved or for the odd news item but the site seems to have got worse with very little content other than news.

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3 hours ago, Uncle Nasty said:

I'm amazed that they're actually publishing this stuff:

It's strange because it's the opposite of premium content. It's filler or an easy click between more serious articles, and I wouldn't begrudge it being on the site generally (although I agree it could be better written).

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I had a look at the EG comments in case the replies to that comment were all “see what a fucking idiot that Graham S guy is” and instead it’s wall to wall people moaning about them not covering the wizard game and the staff being incredibly polite to them. Or someone telling them they’re shit and the staff reply “Thanks for your feedback, SpazWanger”.


Makes me want to subscribe.

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5 minutes ago, Graham S said:

Or someone telling them they’re shit and the staff reply “Thanks for your feedback, SpazWanger”.


I thought this was the best reply, as it was a blatant undercover insult (just using the guy's username, genius!) that made me smile.

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