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Awesome music-related photos


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1 hour ago, Art Vandelay said:

On that note, always loved this one of him chilling in his apartment. Replete with colour television, Randy Crawford LP and floordrobe. 



Nice! I also spot Julio Englesias’ 1100 Bel Air Place and Prince & The Revolution’s Parade, that’s a party right there.

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The website/Twitter account This Is Not Porn had a lot of photos that would fit in this thread, but it was mostly behind the scenes shots of actors. There were some of musicians though. Scrolling back through the timeline, the first ones I found were the Christmas ones...








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The Supremes, Paris, mid-60s. 

I first saw this pic in a big Motown coffee table book I got my mom. Motown used to have a ‘deportment consultant’ to teach their artists how to carry themselves. 

Love the colour combo of the outfits, too. 


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A fair bit more modern than any of these, but I'm surprised that my ex wife's snap of Boards of Canada still adornes their wikipedia page. I guess the aesthetic helps.




I still can't believe I got my minidisc recorder confiscated at the door while she managed to get the camera in.



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