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Best Metroidvania Titles


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On 18/10/2021 at 21:03, BadgerFarmer said:

I tried this but gave up on it pretty early on. It just seemed very ordinary, even back then.

I agree. I found it quite a trudge.  I mean, I barely finish games ever so it must have done something ok. But I remember having to force myself to keep at it. 

it seemed to lack the kind of offbeat vibe/charm of the original and it’s sequel. 

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Grime is fantastic, although it does some have massive difficulty hikes and I'd recommend reading up on the skills in advance as it's easy to set your stats up wrong and not get the full attack bonuses (I went with strength but ended up using dexterity based weapons by about halfway through). It really nails the feel of a Souls game whilst having the core mechanics of a Metroidvania. I loved it when I reviewed it - enough so that I persevered and finished it after uploading that review: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2021/08/11/grime-review/

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On 19/10/2021 at 10:47, Cyhwuhx said:


I adore Dead Cells, but it's very much an edge-case imo. :) The developers even called it a 'roguevania' themselves. ;) 


Oh yeah, I'm not too keen on metroidvanias, but I liked this because it got rid of the stuff I'm not fond of, like needless backtracking and getting lost and stuff.

There are lots of dead ends but there's always a teleporter.

You unlock stuff to get to new places but over the course of many runs.

I'd still class it as a metroidvania.


Gunfire Reborn is a roguelite fps, it's still an fps. Spelunky is a roguelite platformer, I'd still call it a platformer. Monolith is a roguelite top down shooter, it's still a top down shooter, you get the idea.


Does the roguelite elements in dead cells change the formula enough that it's no longer a metroidvania? It's arguable, but I don't think so.

It's my favourite.

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I guess it's more that it lacks certain elements, for me a metrodvania involves poking around a world that opens up gradually by new abilities you get. 


Edit: actually like you said you do open up new areas gradually, so maybe i'm just talking out of my ass :lol:.

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