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Xbox 20th anniversary event 15th November - no new games will be announced.

Doctor Shark

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34 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

It's a crying shame the plan has been leaked - imagine the internet melting if this had actually come out of nowhere!

Not to worry, millions of people suddenly trying to download the game and the matchmaking servers inevitably falling over will ensure melting occurs.


I know the multiplayer will launch properly as free-to-play, but releasing it 'early' just to Game Pass subscribers would seem like a smart move. Essentially it would provide large scale real world testing, give them a few weeks to tackle whatever issues crop up, and potentially drive subscriptions. Maybe they could run a shorter Season 0 where the cosmetics are all anniversary themed.

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Indeed. Must admit I was never an early adopter of the Xbox - in fact I think I bought my first Xbox a couple of years after launch.


I was never a huge fan of MS TBH (or Sony TBH) just two big corporates muscling in on the gaming arena. However when I did finally get to play with an Xbox I was impressed. The hard drive, network connectivity etc. Live was great when that came along. It did huge amounts for making online gaming accessible. Main reason for picking it up was that Sega had migrated projects over to it and Bizarre Creations made Project Gotham Racing on it. Also preferred the controller over other efforts (S revision never got to play with a Duke!).


Great console. 

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