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Xbox 20th anniversary event 15th November - no new games will be announced.

Captain Kelsten

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Really enjoyed that,  brought back many memories.


Was quite emotional as I lost a very good friend back in Aug last year who I played online with twice a week, every week for many years. He was never into Xbox but I convinced him to get involved and once he bought the 360, he never looked back. He would have loved this new generation. Here’s to you Rob and anyone else who has lost Xbox gaming friends. 


Here’s to the next 20 years. Cheers Uncle Phil, keep up the great work.

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 Halo Infinite (multiplayer)



The next era of Halo begins! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the franchise, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is available now and free to play on Xbox and PC. Begin your personal Spartan Journey today with Season 1, "Heroes of Reach", and stay tuned for upcoming, limited-time in-game events and exclusive rewards. Halo Infinite's campaign is available for pre-order now and launches December 8.


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3 minutes ago, cultofweaver said:

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is backwards compatible. We can pack up now, life is complete.


Fuck your childish Halo shite, I'm going to be hitting some big ass ramps with Tony Yayo.

Public service announcement for anyone thinking @cultofweaveris making a joke. He is, but he's also serious. A hilarious and also hilariously entertaining game. "MAH SKULL!!"


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