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The Rllmuk Photography Thread


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Popped along to Modified Live this weekend, not the sort of car thing I normally visit but what the hell - it’s only up the road. 
Included the drifting championships which was a laugh,

Phone pics only I’m afraid:






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View from Latrigg, Lake District, with Keswick and Derwentwater.


Probably the coldest I've been in years, stood for hours on this very exposed (but easily accessible) ridge. The temperature had been pretty warm for late October so this particularly cold morning was a bit of a surprise. Especially annoying as I left the majority of my warm stuff back at the hotel >_<


But it was worth it. The view is amazing and well worth seeing.













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That’s really nice.  🥰




I made it down to Primrose Hill just before sunrise and it’s a lovely view.  Difficult to photograph with a 24-70 zoom I think, there’s not much in the way of foreground unless you go so far down the hill that the trees obscure the skyline but as a silhouette it kinda works.  

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Some local trees on a very cold, foggy morning. A few years ago there was a big fire here, hence some of the weird formations. It's a very unusual spot, right next to an ancient hill fort, and although stunning to look at and lovely to walk through, is actually quite difficult to photograph. On this morning the fog helped to soften the scene and made picking out compositions a little easier.








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22 minutes ago, p1nseeker said:

Does anyone here have their photos printed? If so could you recommend anywhere that do a quality job for a reasonable price?


Ive used Peak Imaging before and been happy with the results, but I'm not an expert on what to expect or anything. I use Peak because they're local to me and I can drop-off / pick-up in person.

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These were originally Instagram story shots and I accidentally saw them laid out next to each other. Only pisser is the top of my wife's head should be consistent running along the series. Shot with Hauwei Mate 20 Pro at Lake Buttermere around August



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