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The Man Utd Thread


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3 hours ago, spork said:


I've no idea how good Gakpo may or may not be but Rashford has been rubbish for at least the past year, Martial is more of a striker these days and has also been rubbish for at least the past year. Elanga in my opinion isn't really good enough to be a starter from what I've seen and Garnacho is a bit of an unknown. Reddit seems to think he can play anywhere in the front three although mostly on the LW. If we can get him for the rumoured 40-50 million euro then it looks like it could potentially be a decent bit of business.


I actually forgot to include Sancho as well.  


Whatever you think of the players we have there, we're not lacking in cover in that position.  

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Ronaldo, Maguire, and Shaw dropped.  I wonder if something has gone on behind the scenes, because they all consider themselves leaders in the dressing room.


Malacia against Salah is going to be a problem for us.  Rashford up front is a strange choice.  I don't know why we didn't start the season with Verane and Martinez, though.


I reckon 8-0 to Liverpool.

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Just now, feltmonkey said:

Is there any chance we could sell Maguire to Chelsea during the half time break?  I'd rather have these two with Bailly and Jones backing them up.

Bailly going to Marseille I believe. 90% done. But Lindelof is a decent back up.

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