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Inside Job - Netflix “Deep State” animated comedy

Doctor Shark

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Netflix have released a new animated series called Inside Job, which is a workplace comedy set at Cognito Inc, the Deep State organisation responsible for covering up things such as lizard people, the president being a robot, hollow earth, the faking of the moon landing and aliens. 

As is common in all adult animation these days there’s swearing  and drinking and debauchery. It’s very Rick and Morty meets Men in Black by way of American Dad and X-Files. 

The main lead is Reagan Ridley, the Rick Sanchez alike unlikeable scientific genius played by Lizzie Caplan. Christian Slater plays her crackpot conspiracy theory alcoholic father who founded Cognito Inc but was fired after getting drunk and trying to blow up the sun. 

Here’s a trailer:


I’ve watched the first episode and it was decent enough for me to watch a couple more at least. 

Has anyone else given it a go?

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