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Appropriate uses for stick clicks (e.g. L3 and R3)

Alex W.

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I'll tell you an inappropriate use of stick click: aiming down sights in an FPS. I think at least one of the Rainbow Six games does it with R3. Absolutely terrible. I find it really hard to click the stick without moving it at least a little bit, so my shots were never lined up. Unacceptable. Everyone knows ADS is left trigger.

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I’ve been trying to play Mafia Definitive Edition. I didn’t buy it - I got it through a cheap PSNow deal and I was curious remembering playing it on PC years ago. 

The running is atrocious. It says press R3 to sprint but I’m not sure if I’m meant to hold it or keep hammering it because my guy keeps stopping even if he doesn’t get stuck on scenery. There’s loads of other free buttons. Why does it have to be R3?

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Toggle Crouch on R3 is normally my go to control method. 


I almost always expect Sprint on L3 for third or first person games too. 


I'm not a huge fan of "press L3 to steady aim" in games, I much prefer the Hitman Sniper approach of "feathering the analogue triggers" for that instead. 


Ultimately, I think it's just about infrequent actions that have a meaningful impact tend to be the best use of it (reset camera or toggle shoulder is a typical use too).

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