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Playing Xbox 360 on a PVM


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8 hours ago, spatular said:

If the pvm supports scart theres an official 360 scart cable, which i assumed would be easy to get second hand but a quick look on ebay shows that might not be the case, not for cheap anyway


Doubt the official one is that common as most people were upgrading to HDMI at the time. I got one as at the time in my flat I only had an old CRT when I first got my Xbox 360, but everyone else I knew used component or HDMI by about 2007/8.


Fortunately unlike the PS3 the 360 has a hardware option for 60Hz on all games. the PS3 which was based on the game settings and so is the last major console that wouldn't do 60Hz on some game. (That not including bad digital re-releases on Switch & PlayStation 4)


Lots of cheap 3rd party ones, but the quality will be very hit and miss as always.

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25 minutes ago, jamesy said:

Yea fair enough that makes sense. I know the pain of swapping out cables on a pvm with little room to maneuver. Nightmare is the word indeed.

I could do with a bigger multi scart lead as well. Third world problems and all that.

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