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2022. Are you excited?


Are you excited for 2022?  

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A few of the gaming journalists/commentators I follow have mentioned recently how 2022 is looking like it could be ridiculously stacked in terms of big releases and I was just wondering how excited you, the filthy/lovely people of Rllmuk, are about 2022s release schedule.


Heres a far from exhaustive list of games that are supposedly due out next year. Obviously I am missing a lot but I'm not going spending time and effort making a definitive list for a silly topic.



Bayonetta 3

Splatoon 3

BotW 2

3D Kirby




God of War Ragnarok

Horizon:Forbidden West




Forza Motorsport




Square Enix

That PS5 exclusive with the odd name

Triangle Strategy

Final Fantasy 16 (people seem confident thats next year)



Elden Ring



Dead Space

Need for Speed


Warner Bros

Arkham Knights

Suicide Squad

Hogwarts Academy thing



So clearly a very incomplete list. 


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That is a whole lot of <shrugs>.


Perhaps Starfield if its good? Triangle Strategy (though I don't own any Nintendo consoles and don't intend to either)?


I look at my Steam wishlist and there's so few 'big' titles on there - my gaming tastes have changed so much over the years. 

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Obviously. Elden Ring alone would be enough reason for that. Forbidden West looks like a massive improvement over the already excellent original and I'm very intruiged by Ghostwire Tokyo. And these are just the first few months of the year. Add Somerville, Stray, Replaced, Sifu, Starfield, Ragnarok and potential Returnal DLC and it looks even better.

And those are just the ones that I'm pretty certain will hit 2022. If Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol, Playdead's new game, Silksong, the Cuphead DLC, Breath of the Wild 2 and Pragmata hit 2022 as well, it's gonna be downright insane.

I'm very excited for PSVR2 as well. Of course we don't know much about the software yet, but a new Astro Bot seems a given and Rescue Mission was a classic.

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It's when I'll probably get a Steam Deck and FFO: Stranger of Paradise to play on it, so yes.

I'm sure if the sequel to BotW shows up, that'll be good too. I have a feeling that Dying Light 2 is going to shit the bed, however.

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Yeah, I reckon it'll be pretty great. We oughta start seeing some properly beautiful next-gen games and maybe I'll finally be able to get an affordable TV that does them justice. I expect the first trailers for Street Fighter 6 to appear as well.


There's a new arcade bar that should be open by then on Glasgow's Drury Street and they have Outrun and Street Fighter IV. Plus there's likely to be a new GlesGames. Been a while since I've played games with pals; the best way to play game.

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Eh, kind of. Elden Ring and D2: The Witch Queen will hopefully be amazing… and (whilst it's an announcement rather than a release) I’m going to assume that Atlus’ “Autumn 2022” announcement is going to be the for-realsies confirmation of Persona 6.


However, I still don’t own a new-gen console; not just because of semiconductor shortages but also because there aren't many new-gen games that look that exciting. So I’m hoping that changes…

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Literally every single year people say 'next year will be insane, look at this theoretical list' and every single year some of those games are delayed and some are disappointing and some are really good and you end up with a solid enough year much like every other year.

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BOTW2 was the only one I had any interest in.


However, since I heard Tim Rogers say ‘what if BOTW was boring, on purpose!’ in his Death Stranding review, that game has become an object of fascination for me. So Nintendo may have to wait.

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The idea that we could get new FromSoft, Bethesda, FF and Zelda in the same year absolutely blows my mind. I don’t really believe XVI will make 2022, and I’m also not sure Zelda will, but Jesus if they do, what a year for action RPG fans. 

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I’m looking forward to getting boxed in the Elden Ring. Breath of the Wild 2 still feels like vapourware, despite the Direct we got this year, so I do hope it makes an appearance while simultaneously feeling quite un-hyped and detached from it. 

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