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Montezuma's Revenge PC port remake and remaster (NES port to come soon)

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I made this discovery while writing a post in the Zapped to the Past thread.


Back when I was a kid a friend of mine had this amazing platform game on his Colecovision.




We were big Indiana Jones fans and a game about exploring pyramids for treasure and avoiding traps and creatures was our thing.




It looks a little basic now but this was one of the great games at the time. Unlike Donkey Kong or Jumpman you could explore the Pyramid at will rather than having to clear screens.


A C64 port was announced but I could never find it in the shops, probably because it was pirated like nothing else. Eventually I borrowed a copy and spent hours exploring the pyramids.




It's basic but its fast and somewhat non-linear in the way you can approach things.




Jeremy Parish puts it into context here.



It's a shame that this revolution didn't really begin until the U.S. games industry had bottomed out. Impressive American creations like Pitfall II and H.E.R.O. didn't develop nearly the sort of fanbase that their contemporary Jet Set Willy acquired over in the UK, where the games industry was thriving rather than cratering. So, too, did Utopia's Atari 800 platform adventure Montezuma's Revenge go relatively under the radar.

More's the pity, because of all the exploratory platformers that debuted around the world in 1984, Montezuma's Revenge arguably had the most sensibly and thoroughly realized game world to explore.


Anyway long story short I discovered that Robert Jaeger, the original creator of Montezuma's Revenge has created a port that's available on Steam.




It contains a really good port of the original 




And one with remade graphics and scrolling




It's going for a pretty fair price (a little more than the price of a cup of coffee) and it's worth a look for fans of the original.


And for those who collect NES games



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