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Forza Horizon 5 rllmuk club and online racing thread


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2 hours ago, Jonster said:

Can I be added as well please? Jonster





1 hour ago, BeeJay said:

Sign me up please:




1 hour ago, JimmytheMook said:

I think I replied to an invite when I searched for the club on the xbox app, but just in case can you add me please







34 minutes ago, xtremeboat said:

leecif, sent request thru Xbox 


16 minutes ago, ilpostino said:

Il Postino - can I be added?


All done except Jimmythemook74 banned as username unacceptably long to type on a pad (jokes)



Hopefully soon the other admins of the club can pick some of these up - lazy motherfs.

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50 minutes ago, Yoshimax said:


Hopefully soon the other admins of the club can pick some of these up - lazy motherfs.


Hey now, I've been sending out invites via the in-game Xbox club thingy as soon as they pop up and there's been a lot of them! We've got a pretty big club going now, it's good to see. 🙂

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14 hours ago, CheekyLee said:

CheekyLeeTV, reporting for duty.


13 hours ago, Fondue said:

Ah, go on go on go on...


Thanks! Fondue 


2 hours ago, Parappa said:

Please add me ! 






37 minutes ago, rgraves said:

Can I be added please - rxgraves.




33 minutes ago, Fallows said:

I have my forever car now and I desperately want to race people. Hopefully tonight if I get work finished first. Closing forum now.


Invites sent.

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Huge thanks to the club admins who've been picking up the slack for me the last few days. I'm in the middle of a 4 day 12 hour shift work period so haven't been able to play or accept invites since Monday.


I'll be back properly on Friday 😃


Thanks chaps.

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On 12/11/2021 at 09:37, Pete said:

my tag is:




On 12/11/2021 at 16:14, caveman said:

Please add me, my tag is PaulTheNth



17 hours ago, SmokeMeAKipper said:

Me too please!



13 hours ago, Jamie John said:

Et moi, aussi, si vous plait - Jamie John 1990 😎

All done

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