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Halo Infinite online: gamertags, organisation, clips, war stories etc


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5 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

By comparison, Insomniac Games apparently has less than 300. In the same time that 343i has worked on Infinite and still not managed to finish it, they've delivered: Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, and are a good way along with Wolverine. 


Can I directly compare, is that fair Ms. Bare Derrière? At this point I don't care. 


Phil should give @rafaqat a call, have him sort that mess out with proper management.

To be entirely fair to 343i in that time they have also pushed out a load of updates to MCC. However I don’t think even taking those into account it’s anywhere near a decent return for the size of team and budget.

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I played last man standing in my lunchbreak today and made it to the final.


It was quite tense. I still had one life left, but he had 4. Owing partly to the geometry of the final circle, there were actually some options on how to engage and approach/defend and the regenerating shield and relatively low damage rate of the zone means you can run in and out of the circle without worrying too much. 


It actually makes Halo's Battle Royale a little more interesting than you might think.


In my favour I had fully levelled up to shotgun/BR while was still using a commando, but I was quite resigned to losing, given his 4 lives to my 1. 


My heart was in my mouth throughout. The other player sent me a message congratulating me on my win at the end. 🏆😊



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1 hour ago, JPL said:

Have they finished the campaign yet?


As much as I enjoyed the open world combat, Infinite is still the first Halo game I’ve not completed.



I genuinely enjoyed the campaign, even if it had an odd pace with the leisurely middle section all very open world and the very tightly focused conclusion.


It’s miles better than well say Halo 5 which didn’t feel like a Halo game at all.

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2 hours ago, Gavin said:

Ah, I see this update adds chapter select so I can finally go back and get the couple of collectibles I missed in story missions. Possibly try co op on legendary then for some of the 'interesting' sounding achievements...


Yeah! I could finally go back and grab the skulls from the first 2 missions.

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