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Blockbuster - video store comedy


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Netflix have ordered a workplace comedy set in the last Blockbuster Video store in America. Starring Randall Park and some Superstore people behind the scenes.


Netflix were almost crushed by blockbuster back in the day, when Netflix were a movie rental company, and they even rebuffed an offer to sell Netflix to them. How things could have been different. Brought down by Kit-Kats in the end, innit.

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I've been writing a comedy set in a Blockbuster store based on my own experiences there for about 10 years...never did get around to finishing it and thought the idea long-since dead since they're not even a thing any more. Recently I've been toying with the idea again, keeping it set in the early 2000s. No word of a lie, I sat down yesterday and opened up the old file and then about 20 mins later saw this news.


Well, fuck me, I guess! :lol:

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Anyone watched this? Unfortunately it’s not very good. It’s passable, I suppose, and has its moments, but it’s not funny or snappy enough, and Randall Park basically has one reaction face. Also, any good and subtle jokes are immediately explained by another character in the next line, which is irritating. 

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On 27/11/2022 at 20:04, SeanR said:

I couldn’t get through S1E1.


After writing that post, I came home to find my girlfriend in the middle of rewatching an episode of Schitts Creek season 2, which was instantly fucking hilarious. And we then watched the pilot of Mythic Quest, which had a good few laugh-out-loud moments. So yeah, Blockbuster isn't very good and makes other comedies look much better! Can't wait to watch more Mythic Quest!

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