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Hellbound - Netflix


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1 hour ago, Gambit said:

A few episodes in and it's nice and intriguing.


I could really do without the shouty neon social media man though. It's such tonal whiplash when everything is deathly serious then all of a sudden it becomes a cartoon.


It really is. It's the only bad point for me so far. Although we all know if this was real, there would be people streaming that would be like that. So whilst it's trying to riff on the streaming/tik tok generation it's such a weird tonal shift for the show.


We're three episodes in now and it's already gone places with certain characters I wasn't expecting at all. I'm looking forward to finishing the remaining episodes.

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I ended up watching the rest of this and whilst I still hate the creatures I did enjoy it for the most part.


I think it’s pretty good at building tension, particularly when the tension is cult/members of the public related and not about the generic smasher-uppers. I do really like the whole approach of examining what a society would be like in this context too, but I don’t know if I missed something but does South Korea not have a government, because at times it feels like there’s just the police and the media and the cult and nothing else?

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Just watched it over the last few days. After the talk of how violent it is, I didn’t think the violence was all that bad. I was kind of expecting people being eviscerated and pulped or something, but it wasn’t that bad. 


I was wondering how they were going to handle it happening to the newborn though! And I was surprised the trio left without completing the job there. I’d have thought they would be aware if the target was still alive.

Intriguing ending. I hope there’s a follow up. 

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Surprised at the total lack of interest in here. This was great from start to finish. Fascinating ending too.


Clearly hasn’t captured the shitegeist like Squid Game, but easily the better show.

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I really enjoyed this. I'm a bit of a sucker for religious horror and religions being horrible. 


I liked the monsters too. Them being gleefully brutal added to the anime weirdness of them.


I'd be well up for a second series. They'd take that ending somewhere interesting.

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