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Football kits 2022/23


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11 minutes ago, AfromB said:

I’m not keen on the badge placement to be honest


I don't like central badges usually but I think it works in this case with the tramlines. Extra bonus is that they're doing it long sleeved this year so I'm in

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44 minutes ago, Mike1812 said:

Bit more traditional away kit this year?


Not really a fan of that tbh at first glance.  

It has generally been the Away shirt I have bought in recent years as well.  Have they revealed the 3rd kit yet?

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21 hours ago, Naysonymous said:

I really like that.  The Coventry one feels like a missed opportunity, just like the Manchester City shirt it feels like a good design spoiled by clutter which needed to be added at the end for branding/sponsorship reasons.  

I think the same about the Cov shirt.  Especially if you compare it to the original seventies one. 

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I like this - I don't think we're doing much right as a club at the moment, but thank god we've fucked off Man Bet X as sponsor.  Shame betting has to infest the sleeves but better than it being the main sponsor.


Main design and colour is good though.

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New Celtic away.  P9001-7-0-001_8.thumb.jpg.22b73d13977d958a12dca021f5a192e8.jpg


It's a sort of remake of this one from 30 years ago which I have fond memories of... but I don't like it really.  Sponsor clashes with the brightness of the stripes.  Just got a real generic template in PES feelJJCEAFJC64OC8rr.jpg.41f2d32fe376af4df10295954020a2dd.jpg

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Why don't England use the same kits for the mens and womens teams?


The Womens Euro 2022 takes place next month and is actually being held in England. Englands Womens team (The Lionesses?) have a pretty nice set of shirts. One's white and one's orange.


It's only possible to buy the mens version as a stadium/fan shirt and you can't get the player/vaporknit version for men. This is weird. Anyway, here is said stadium version of the mens shirt:


A man wearing the womens england shirt


Looks class. You can purchase it here if you want.


There's also an orange away shirt, if that's more your thing.


These kits, especially that clean white one, are great.


So why aren't the men using them at the upcoming Qatar World Cup? Instead, they're apparently wearing this gradient monstrosity:



the rumoured mens england kit for qatar 2022


I should probably add this is only a rumoured kit, leaked by Footy Headlines but they're usually absolutely spot on with kit leaks.


Having another England kit so soon after an already pretty damn nice one just seems daft.


My daughters 4 and wants an England shirt for the World Cup. I also try to encourage her to be into womens football. She starts school in September and if she rocks up on non-uniform day wearing the womens England shirt, she's gonna look pretty cool, but will probably be the only kid not wearing the mens version.


Why don't the mens and womens team have the same kit? It's mad.

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England Women got their own bespoke design ahead of the 2019 World Cup.  There are a few articles from the time saying that the players liked it because it shows they were being taken seriously as an entity and not just being palmed off with the men’s shirt.    
I don’t know enough about manufacturing to know if the fact that a sizeable chunk of the shirts, including the ones players will be wearing, will have a different cut makes it easier to justify the expense of adding a new design or if it’s just simple fact that Nike make them because they know they will sell them.  I think it’s a good thing, it gives girls something they can rep proudly.  

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Yeah I was confused when it was launched, especially when I saw that they were selling mens sizes.  And also when the men's football team are still wearing their 1998-inspired kit.


However, thinking about it it makes total sense.  The women's team should have their own kit, and there should be mens and womens versions in the exact same way there is for the men's football team.


I also like it, it looks real nice.

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It still needs to improve. Liverpool don't offer the women's kit in child sizes, nor do they have the women's Championship or WSL number and letter styles for printing. 


Edith has two kits from last season with Bailey 8 on the back, but with men's style numbers. 


Jade Bailey leaves the club this summer so she is getting Missy-Bo Kearns 7 for next season but I hope they do finally have women's options for kids at least.

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Got this for my son when we visited Nike Town just before Jubilee.

Personally would of gone for the red shirt, but he loves a bit of purple.

It's way more colourful than this picture suggests.

Looks very cool in the flesh, the logo and shield are iridescent.


...oh man, that West Ham shirt is shocking. I was hoping they'd come with one worth buying this year.



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1 hour ago, glb said:

The sponsor looks comically big but that shade of blue is lovely (don’t know how traditional it is for Millwall?)

it was the first blue we used then it made a come back in 2010. I much prefer it to the royal blue we used to use.

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1 hour ago, elmo said:

it was the first blue we used then it made a come back in 2010. I much prefer it to the royal blue we used to use.

Sound that. The more I look at that kit the more I like it. And the sponsor isn’t too bad really, at least it’s not some gambling firm.

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