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FIFA Puskás Award 2021


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Your contenders:


Edit: FIFA have blocked embedding it seems, but the link should go to the playlist. 


Absolutely love Weir's lob and of course Lamela's cheeky rabona, but I think I'd have to give it to Pavlidis' mazy run. Who would your pick be, and what goal do you think the folks at FIFA have missed out? 

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If you somehow make it to the end of the video with the stupid editing, there's a playlist with all the goals from angles where you can see what actually happened, where they haven't employed the editor from Taken 2 to jazz it up a bit.


I think my favorite is Lamela, to be honest.  It's not a gratuitous rabona, it's more of an example of him sizing up the situation in an instant, having the imagination to see how he could score, and the skill to pull it off.  Weir's is probably my second choice.  Again, she assesses the situation lightning fast, and executes the finish beautifully.  I love a delicious chip as well, in every sense of the term.


The elephant in the room with the Puskas award is that the actual quality of the opposition isn't taken into account.  The goal by Sandra Owusu-Ansah is a spectacular long-range volley, but do you have to consider that the effort by the goalkeeper is pretty pathetic?  The same goes for Patrik Schick's goal of course.  If you're going to include goals scored against such poor opposition, why weren't some of the worldies I scored at 5-a-side considered?


Medhi Taremi's goal should be nowhere near this list, by the way.  It's a complete mis-kick that flies off his shin at 45 degrees to where he's aiming and happens to go in the far corner.  I know, I know, Wayne Rooney's overhead kick was a shinner and that's considered an all-time classic, but that still went in the direction he was aiming, not sideways.

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What is the criteria for picking these goals? I know they throw the net far and wide to showcase a range of leagues and genders (which is good), but why Lamela but no Salah vs City and/or Watford, for example?


Lamela's was excellent though, I agree. There's something about the fact that it almost dribbles into the net and you think surely the keeper should be saving it, but it's so expertly placed it ambles into the corner.


True fact: when I used to play in my under 12s team as a kid, my signature move was chipping the keeper and its how I scored most of my goals. Now admittedly, chipping a 12 year-old in a full size goal is hardly a massive achievement, but God damn was it satisfying all the same. :D

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Gauthier Hein for me. I won't argue it's the best or anything, I just love pirouettes, they're so pleasing to watch. He did one past 5 defenders! 


In terms of rarity though, how many times have you actually seen a player do a pirouette in the box? I think I've seen a handful. All the other types of goals are scored pretty much every year.


Not Mahrez's perhaps. Or Lamela! tbf. I just find his a bit slow and unspectacular visually because the ball rolls along the ground with accuracy. It's a very efficient goal. 


The speed of Ayew's goal from this view is something else, you can see how little space he has. 



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