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Forza Horizon 5 TT - Road Playa Azul Circuit

Boozy The Clown

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22 hours ago, Anjin said:

Did a few laps, some of you guys are very fast, I guess I need to learn manual gears, seems fairly consistent people driving manual are top of the leaderboards.


It's not so hard to learn, especially with automatic clutch.

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I didn't get much time on the last track but did some laps on the A-class for the daily challenge for this one. How you beat the top club time, I do not know. :)


I do wish you could change car in the mode, though. It's annoying having to quit out and select it all at again to have a go in another vehicle.

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It's a good track this plus it doesn't look like it's been hammered so you can seem to get quite high on the global leaderboards:



00:39.907 S2 TVR Speed 12

00:40.524 S1 Lola T70

00:42.743 A GMC K5 Jimmy

00:46.780 B Jeep CJ5

00:50.298 C Jeep CJ5

00:51.635 D Manx Mayers

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If you're after tips on tuning this video seems great:



If you're after actual tuners to follow who have done all the hard work for you these guys seem decent:






When I'm next on I'll post the tunes I used for this TT. 


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For anyone doing the time trials.   Stuff wot I learnt.

Get some off road tyres on the car (I just tuned the car to the first available 800 tune up). Couldn't find any of the tuners named above unfortunately.

You just need to touch the flags to have registered going through the gate. This lets you line up better for the next turn.



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A quick tip for an achievement - you get one for beating three rivals in three different classes in the same car.  So I started with a class D Meyers Manx, beat a couple of RLLMUKers, then upgraded it to C, did the same and then to B and again to pop the achievement.  The Manx is a lovely car at C600 to drive round this track as you can really slide it around the corners.

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Tuners added if it helps anyone

Username: Yippeekiyey


S2 00:39.907  TVR Speed 12 Tuner: Kapien PL


S1 00:40.524 Lola T70 Tuner: GReddy295


A 00:42.743 GMC K5 Jimmy Tuner: Don Joewon Song


B 00:46.780 Jeep CJ5 Tuner: ghostMan2117


C 00:50.298 Jeep CJ5 Tuner: AX201SD1


D 00:51.635 Manx Mayers Tuner: Hamilton HD

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Had another go and claimed back my B and S2 class crowns by the tiniest of amounts. That's me done for today though! 


Enjoyed chasing Meatball and Anjins times. That B class Scirroco is seriously quick, you'll have to share the tune! 

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@Eric 537 322 390 Is the sharecode for the Scirroco, just one I downloaded for a playground games. As I already had a B700 tune downloaded I thought I'd try it, just lucked out, I guess playground games tunes really suit this circuit, you need great acceleration and grip.
The Scirroco was my go to in Horizon 4 for low class rally and offroad courses.


People who use manual gears, how do you set up your controller?

I really need to learn to do manual gears.

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Key to manual gears is configuring B to (upshift ) and  X (downshift) I configure A as clutch  as I find it gives you better turn in.  If using clutch, slide your thumb up right (A-B) to change up and slide up left (A-X) to change down. 


Edit: Apologies I mixed my up with down! 


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