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Best films of 2021


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1. Malignant
2. Spencer
3. Zola
4. Shiva Baby
5. Summer of Soul
6. Barb and Star
7. The Night House
8. Coming Home in The Dark
9. Censor
10. The Green Knight


Also rans: Pixie, Shudder St, The Boys from The County Hell.


Didn't see: Red Rocket, The French Dispatch, Minari, The Hand of God, Petie Maman, Drive My Car, The Power of The Dog. And loads more.


I think I watched The Kid Detective in 2020 so that doesn't make the list but it's a better film that half my top 10. 

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The Beatles: Get Back



Summer of Soul (...or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)


The Green Knight

The Power of the Dog

Free Guy

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

The Suicide Squad


The Tomorrow War

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines

Zack Snyder's Justice League





Godzilla vs.Kong

Coming 2 America

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Dig

No Time To Die

Red Notice

Black Widow

The Mauritanian







Chaos Walking

Army of the Dead

Outside The Wire

Biggie: I got a Story to Tell




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In no particular order, but these films stood out for me


The Mitchell's vs The Machines


Green Knight

Night House





If I had to pick one absolute favourite, it has to be the Beatles Get Back documentary, not sure if its cheating but it was originally meant to be a cinema release.

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For a year where I’ve barely stepped foot in a cinema, I’ve watched some amazing films. My top four in particular are all timers for me.


1. Titane

2. The Green Knight

3. Annette

4. Sound Of Metal 

5. Censor

6. Petite Maman

7. In The Earth

8. The Last Duel 

9. Last Night In Soho

10. Pig.


Films not yet seen that I’m hyped for


West Side Story

Liquorice Pizza

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So these are the films on my watchlist that IMDB says were released in 2021. Rather than ranking them I'll colour code them by great, good, bad, and don't-remember-watching-probably-some-Netflix-shit.



Coming Home in the Dark

The Power of the Dog

The Last Duel


The Harder They Fall

Free Guy

The Mauritanian

Army of the Dead

Raya and the Last Dragon

Black Widow

Jungle Cruise

Fear Street 1, 2 and 3

Judas and the Black Messiah

Ghostbusters: Afterlife


The Guilty

Halloween Kills

The Ice Road

The Tomorrow War


The Woman in the Window




The Phantom



The Devil Below

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On 06/12/2021 at 17:35, Dark Soldier said:

Dinner in America is the best film of the year, and its criminally overlooked. Just wonderful.


I hope people are aware of how responsible they need to be with their words when delivered like this, people might just end up watching a film they otherwise never would have and who knows what turn their life might take because of it? 


I'm messing obviously. I mean I'm fuckin with you. let me just find the rolleyes emoticon 


I think the use of wonderful here, the title and an idea I got it was going to be a road trip movie made me think it was going to be a heartwarming feel good film. It is, sort of, eventually. I really found it odd, other people find other films 'subverting their expectations' but this did, I just didn't know what it would be. 


Starting off with just an angry unlikeable character who seems like what a 9 year old thinks as cool did make me think..why don't more films have arseholes as their leads? Do we need to sympathise with them when you're just enjoying them telling everyone to fuck off? It knows he's naff because it keeps bringing up his haircut. Pretty much all the characters are weird really. It's a good example of the Coen brothers view on directing mostly being 'managing tone', all the actors need to be in tune in how to deliver their lines. Plus nice to see Damn it Chloe!! in any film really.


Definitely worth watching. I also watched Boiling Point yesterday, the recent one take Stephen Graham chef in a restaurant drama and er Come and See.


Boiling Point seems like it couldn't be less subtle if it tried. It soon reaches a point where -I thought at least- that it wanted to be blunt and was choosing that to be entertaining rather than realistic even if it continues with the camera work that's meant to make it all fee so authentic. 


Just think..he's a chef in a restaurant, it all occurs in real time, what might happen? If you can come up with 10, 7 will happen. It's all full on drama but worth watching. 

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1 hour ago, Dark Soldier said:

I like the review but have no idea if you hated it or enjoyed it.


I liked it. It's funny, surprising, quite sweet, good music. I was waiting for them to go on a road trip though. It's just oddly compelling, this quiet nerdy girl being overwhelmed by this cartoonish idea of cool. People are saying it's going to be a cult classic, can something be declared that on release, should it not happen naturally. I don't know, I just put it alongside stuff like Me Earl and The Dieing Girl and Unpregnant. 

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These were the ones I enjoyed the most. Looking at others’ picks got a fair few to catch-up on, so should be a good start to 2022.


The Kid Detective
The Survivor
Come As You Are
Promising Young Woman
Love and Monsters
I Care A Lot
Palm Springs
Big Boys Don’t Cry
Crip Camp

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9 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

I really want to watch the French Dispatch, too. I thought it’d be on more people’s lists. 


It was on Amazon Prime on the 30th, but when I went to watch it on New Year's Eve it was available to buy only.


Ditto for Last Night in Soho.


Bloody Amazon.

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