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Sonic Frontiers - the game

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1 hour ago, Down by Law said:


Forgot to mention, this is the Switch version, FYI.

I did wonder, it still looks pretty impressive. I’m praying that a) it’s good and b) the steam version that’s currently unsupported on deck actually runs just fine bar some odd issue that prevented the verified/supported tag.

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Love this from the Metro Review:



Ring the bells! Blow the trumpets (of the apocalypse)! Sega has done it; they've finally done it! It's only taken 24 years, but Sonic Team has finally made a good 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game. They've released so many over the years that they were due a good one simply by the law of averages, but Sonic Frontiers is the real deal. It's very far from perfect but the ifs and buts don't spoil the fact that it's a ton of fun and, to some degree at least, the sort of game Sega fans have been dreaming of for all these very long years. After decades of miserable failure, Sonic Team has finally made a good 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game, and it's one of the best open world platformers ever seen.


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74 at Metacritic currently. Looks to be okay. Might give it a go once it gets discounted.


From Gamespot: "Running around at the speed of sound might be a mantra of the fleet-footed hedgehog, but Sonic Frontiers is at its best when you're given time to simply explore. The music is calming and also solemn at times"


Sounds like Sonic Adventure. Loved its exploration parts.

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3 minutes ago, Haribokart said:

I don’t know what those other two games are but GTA Trilogy was released last year and is actually good at this point.


I stand corrected. :blush: 


It's not like I have any expectations (positive or otherwise) of Frontiers, but the "worst of 2022" claim still seems pretty bold.

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Just now, Down by Law said:

Lets all focus on the one extremely negative review from an outlet that no one's heard off because the desire for this to be a bad game by middle aged men is simply so strong that there must be some truth to it.


Not saying that but, gamesradar wasn't exactly won over either. We all want a good new Sonic 3D game, but seems like I'll be waiting for a discount instead of diving right in.

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