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There were a couple IIRC.  The silver haired tech guy whose name I also can’t remember, but there was also the janitor guy Marv (I think), who provided McClane with maps, access to the tunnels and a ride through the airport on a buggy.





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Die Hard

Die Hard with a Vengeance

Live Free Die Hard

Die Hard II

Yep. Gone done it. Find four more entertaining than two, which I’ve always found a bit dull with a forgettable villain. But I’d only really rush to watch one and three repeatedly.


Five is rubbish and shouldn’t exist.

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I’d actually never seen a Did Hard film until fairly recently (well, a few years ago now), and I watched them all (except for the fifth).


The first film is a classic, and better than I was expecting. The second one was long and boring. The third was better than the second. The only thing I remember about Die Hard 4.0 is the title, Timothy Olyphant, and a bit where a car crashes into a helicopter.

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2 hours ago, SeanR said:

which one? General Esperanza? Colonel Stuart? Major Grant?


Or sgt. Carmine Lorenzo? :hat:

Genuinely could only remember William Sadler and his character might as well be Vinny El Villain. Been at least a decade since I last saw it!

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