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On 23/01/2022 at 19:03, Nick R said:

So what did you think of Terminator 2, @Protocol Penguin? I'm interested in how it comes across to someone who's never seen it before today: did you find it an action landmark that you regret not watching sooner... or underwhelming compared to more recent VFX-heavy action/sci fi films?


Are you one of those people who think it's a big step down from the first film?

Haven’t seen the first film in almost a decade, so probably need to refamiliarise with it for a fairer comparison! Although I did pick up that the plot structure was rather similar in places.


I thought T2 was great! Apart from the liquid metal effects, and a couple of obvious stunt doubles, the visuals hold up rather well. The action scenes were follow-able and don’t visually overload the viewer, like too many more recent action films. The occasional explanation of plot beats with  characters almost briefly operating as audience surrogates didn’t seem too contrived. The main actors all worked in their roles. A lot of it held together very well.


Thought the pace started to sag a bit just after halfway through, but that could be because the first 40-50 minutes zip by so effortlessly.


Did notice some strong thematic similarities and subtexts to Aliens at times, the warrior mother versus a distorted version of humanity, in a situation engineered by sinister megacorporation…

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For the Alien one, it would be interesting to see what everyone’s favourite film is, but I’d like to see what everyone’s favourite is not including the first two, and which one everyone thinks is the worst. Would have been good for Terminator actually.

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15 hours ago, Paulando said:

@Protocol Penguin I take it you knew Arnie would be the ‘good’ terminator going in?

Yes. I remember the advertising and some of the the various tie-in games. That film was so heavily marketed, it was hard to avoid that. In fact, when I first saw The Terminator for the first time, on TV around 2005, I was actually surprised that Arnie was the bad-guy.

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