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Gaming abstinence challenge: buying just 12 games in 12 months in 2022. Clear your pile of shame!

Jamie John

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On 31/12/2021 at 20:41, Jamie John said:

This is to allow me to buy more than one game in a month if there are a couple of games I want (like Elden Ring and Horizon in February, for example), and also to take advantage of time-sensitive sales (thanks to @Qazimod - I think - who originally suggested this idea).


:hat: And there's a benefit if you're approaching a pretty empty month, of course.


I kind of feel like I should rein things in again because I wasn't planning on buying a PS5 in 2021. I won't be counting freebies because I care more about spending control. (Also, Prime Gaming isn't my main reason for subscribing to Prime, and if I included all their freebies I'd blow past twelve games pretty quickly.)


1. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen (Feb)

2. Elden Ring (Feb)

3. FFVII Remake: INTERmission (May)




February: maybe FFVI Pixel Remaster, but I might be able to put this off.

March: maybe Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but I'm not desperate for this.

March: maybe Tunic, but I'm not desperate for this.

TBC: maybe Replaced but I don't know a lot about it.

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5 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Do games already pre ordered and paid for count in the 12?


Got 5 titles already paid for before the end of March


Up to you, but I'd probably say they do. I've pre-ordered Elden Ring and Horizon and am counting those.


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I will try to participate, but not sure how long it will be before I hit the limit


Already paid for the below

January - Uncharted 4 / Lost Legacy Remastered PS5

February - Horizon Forbidden West, Sifu (although may cancel it), Elden Ring

March - GT7


The new Salt and Sacrifice game is on the buy list

God of War 2 and Silksong will be bought if they are released in 22

BotW2 should be a gift as my eldest lad will be playing it so he can buy this one


Not sure what else is likely to hit 22 that I am after but we will see


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Is there a good app you can load your pile of shame into? Possibly with the ability to categorise them? I have plenty of unplayed games across a variety of formats, but it would be nice to see all my choices at a glance, whether I fancied something story based or arcade action. 

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I’m in. I have a problem with picking up loads of cheap games I never play, or don’t play for very long. I managed to go this whole holiday season only buying one - The Forgotten City - which I’m proud of. I even resisted Saint’s Row IV for 2 quid, because I knew I’d never play it. More of that please.

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Going to do my best to do this challenge in 2022 as have a massive backlog and not as much spare money as I used to have.


1. Last of Us Part 2 PS4 £22.50

2. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection PS5 Upgrade £10

3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Expansion Switch £36 + £25

4. Pokémon Arceus Switch £40

5. Kirby and the Forgotten Land Switch £40
6. LEGO Star Wars: The Sky Walker Saga PS5 £49.99

7. ??

8. ??

9. ??

10. ??

11.  ??

12. ??


Games that interest me that could be released in 2022 include -



-God of War Ragnarok 


-Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

-Hogwarts Legacy

-Suicide Squad: Killed the Justice League 


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@DarkCrisis Are you buying the Uncharted PS5 upgrades as a new game or are you doing the £10 update?


Trying to figure out if this counts as my first purchase of the year or not. 🤔


Jan - Uncharted Legacy of Thieves (PS5) - £6.79


Feb - Horizon Forbidden West (PS4 with PS5 upgrade) - £52.95


March - Kirby & The Forgotten Land (NSW) - £39.45


April - ??


May - ??


June - Mario Strikers: Battle League (NSW) - £42.95


July - Klonoa - Phantasy Reverie (PS5) - £37.99


August - ??


September - ??


October - ??


November - ??


December - ??


Defo purchases still to plan in:


God of War Ragnarok



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On 31/12/2021 at 21:05, Calashnikov said:

I’m sure the point has been made before but buying a game a month is some shite abstinence.


Depends on what you end up counting and what you leave out. Are you conveniently excluding a 79p App Store purchase? 3 games from the £1 tier in a Humble Bundle? An itch.io bundle that contains hundreds of games?

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9 hours ago, teddymeow said:


Me too. Does that count as a full new purchase then?


Not that I'm trying to game the system, so to speak.


Ultimately it's up to you what you consider a true purchase or not. You'll only be cheating yourself ;).


And I'm glad there's some interest in this :). Hopefully we can all stay motivated.


If you do keep track of your backlog, post how many games are currently in your pile so you can record how far it reduces as the year goes on. I just use a Google Sheet, although backloggd, like @Paulando mentioned is a good site.


I currently own or have access to 56 games that I want to play. That includes Game Pass games and ones which I've finished already but want to replay. I completed or abandoned 41 games in 2021, so I'm going to aim to have 25 games in my pile by the end of 2022. It depends how much good stuff gets added to Game Pass, but I reckon that's a good figure to aim for.


This is my uber-nerdy spreadsheet, for anyone who's interested:





The highlighted games are ones I've started but haven't finished. Rating is based on Open/MetaCritic.




I go through it every couple of weeks and shave off a couple of games that I know I'll never play, too. It's a good thing to fiddle with on my phone when I'm bored.

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2 hours ago, acidbearboy said:

Is there a good app you can load your pile of shame into? Possibly with the ability to categorise them? I have plenty of unplayed games across a variety of formats, but it would be nice to see all my choices at a glance, whether I fancied something story based or arcade action. 

I use GAMEYE on IOS, you can use tags to categorise stuff.

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Okay, I'll give this a go. 


My problem tends not to be launch games but more the FOMO in sales and stuff. Checking Deku Deals and Hot UK Deals doesn't help either. 


This year, I've got 


1) Pokémon Legends Arceus

2) Elden Ring

3) BOTW 2

4) Splatoon 3

5) Pokémon Gen 9 (if it launches to schedule, 3 years after the last gen) 


As almost certain launch purchases. Arceus does depend on me finishing Shining Pearl and clearing a few other Switch games off the backlog though, and for it not to get absolutely terribly reviews (I have a feeling it's going to be a bit of rush job with typical GameFreak design decisions). 


The rest of the big ones this year - stuff like God of War and Horizon - well, I still haven't played their last entries, so I should be okay missing out. Now just to avoid all the indie sales on the Switch...


My backlog isn't actually that shameful, so I may abandon the idea should I clear most of it. Even then, though, there's all that stuff on Gamepass I should really try before spending money, as well as a few titles I've always been meaning to replay but haven't yet found the time to. 








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6 hours ago, Parksey said:

Checking Deku Deals and Hot UK Deals doesn't help either. 


These two are pretty killer. I've set up one alert on the HUKD app, but I've deleted it from the front page of my phone and do my best to just ignore it. Once I get the (non-gaming) thing I want, I'll delete the app. I also deleted my wishlist alerts on Deku Deals, PS Prices and Steam when I first started doing this. I'd suggest doing the same, but it's your call.


In my experience, these 'bargain' hunting websites cost you more money as you end up buying more games you don't need. Since over started doing this, I don't mind spending a bit more money on a game I really want because I can justify the extra cost by not having frittered away cash on cheap games that just get added to the backlog. Obviously, when I do buy a game I try to do so as cheaply as possible, but I'm not quite as beholden to the lure of the bargain as before.

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According to my gaming spend spreadsheet, I’ve not bought >12 games since 2018, but went a bit mental in 2017 and bought 24. 

I only bought 7 this year, and two of those were for next gen upgrades coming in 2022, but I can see 2022 being more difficult, so I think l’ll sign up to this. I’m getting Elden Ring, Dying Light 2 and Horizon Forbidden West in Feb. 

edit: I might even do this on Heroic and count the two I bought for 2022 upgrades. Legendary would probably be to count a Game Pass/PS+ sub each as a purchase. 

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