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Formula One - 2022 - Rllmuk League is live

T Pot

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7 minutes ago, Blue said:

Checo making the Merc look like it has some pace today.

Perez has been very poor today. Really should have been a handy enough 1-2 for Red Bull today when you factor in Leclercs crash. Based on what we've seen this weekend that Red Bull shouldn't be stuck behind a Mercedes.

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Merc getting good at turning qualifying water into race wine. Think we can safely recognise by now that the car is likely to never have a ‘breakthrough’ but they’re going to be there if Red Bull and Ferrari both stuff up.


Max has this title won. It’s easy to sympathise with Charles when he’s so hard on himself for his mistakes, but it doesn’t cover the fact that he makes a lot of mistakes and that doesn’t seem to be changing. Ferrari carry on making a horlicks of strategy, of course.


2022 is frustrating in a way. The team who could have made the title race close has a duff car. The car that has the speed to make the title race close has a duff team.


Already getting my son used to F1. Three weeks of age and he’s watched two qualifying sessions and two races. He was even awake for some of it! 

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Ted explained that ferrari had to pit sainz earlier than they wanted with the safety  car for charlie boy. And that the mediums they put on weren't going to make it to the end. So the stop was to guarantee a 5th rather than speculate on a 3rd or 4th

If he'd stayed out, and the tyres went off the cliff they'd have lost it to 9th I think. 

And he had a 5 second time penalty. 


You could argue they should have brought him in earlier, but hindsight costs nothing. 


Basically, Charlie fucked up everyones day except Max and the mercs. 




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